Does Korean Air Allow Seat Selection?

Yes, Korean Air allows seat selection to the passengers who book their tickets. You can select seats on korean air either at the time of booking or at the time of completing your check-in process. You can complete your Korean Air seat selection through check-in process anytime between 361 days to 48 days before the departure date of your flight. The Korean Air seat selection policy allows you to select seats till 24 hours before the departure date if you have business class or premium class seats. All the information regarding how to choose seat on Korean Air is provided below and the customer service team is always ready to assist you, if you have any doubts regarding the seat selection process.

How to Select a Seat on Korean Air?

The process to select seat on Korean Air is a very simple, you just have to follow the given instructions:

  • Get access to the official website of Korean Air
  • Select the ‘book’ option in the middle of the home page of the website for Korean Air seat selection
  • Select ‘plan your travel’ among the options provided in the dropdowns
  • Choose the option of ‘advance seat selection’ to choose seat on Korean Air
  • Choose your seat and complete the process according to the korean air seat selection policy

With the above simple and convenient steps, passengers can easily select seat on Korean Air without any hassle.

The facility to select seats on Korean Air is available to all the passengers with economy, business or premium class tickets. You get the facility of making advanced seat selection through which you can select corner, middle or window seats according to your convenience. You can use the Korean Air seat selection process through the official website or mobile application.

Things to Remember While Selecting a Seat on Korean Air

Convenience: The early process of seat selection helps you in completing your trip conveniently. You can select the seat of your choice according to the korean air seat selection policy and plan your luggage accordingly. The seat booking API displays the whole structure of the seating arrangement inside the plane and you can choose seat on Korean Air according to your requirement. If you prefer getting an easy exit, you can select seats on korean air at the rear of the plane and save your time of getting into queue to get out of the plane.

Baggage Facility: If you book window seats you get easy access to the overhead baggage cabins. You will not have to wait to get your baggage out of the cabin box after the flight is over. You can also try for any other convenient seat through Korean Air seat selection process where you can put down your extra baggage more conveniently.

Extra Legroom: Sometimes situations arise when you need extra legroom to complete your trip. As per the korean air seat selection policy you can select seats with extra legroom which suits your needs through the seat selection process before the flight.

The seat selection process helps you in completing the trip without any trouble. You can select a seat on Korean Air according to your companion or your baggage through the advance Korean Air seat selection process.



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