How Do I Speak to Someone at Porter Airlines?

Generally, passengers have issues with Porter Airlines reservations online. Then in such circumstances, the most appreciated option or way to get help will be communicating with Porter airlines customer service in different modes, which are like phone, chat, social media, or email services because from here, you will get in direct touch with a representative and speak to someone at Porter Airlines, a customer service live agent who will assist as soon as you use any of the ways as described below for your reference. Further, to learn about the ways to connect easily and quickly, you have to go through the various ways for your guidance.

Speak to Someone at Porter Airlines Through Phone:

Contacting via phone is the most suitable and appropriate option that one can rely on because, with Porter Airlines phone number, you will quickly break through all your queries within time. To use phone service for assistance, you will have to follow underneath mentioned points to connect your call with the executive.

  • First, dial  1-802-618-8008 (Toll free) or 1-888-619-8622 from your phone
  • After which, you listen to automated voicemail instructions to select the most appropriate language (Press 1 for English or Press 2 for Spanish)
  • Now once again, you listen to the IVR commands for help;
  • Press 1 if you need help with baggage
  • Press 2 to get information on accessibility for disability assistance services 
  • Press 3 for gaining information about your account's missing points or tier status
  • Press 4 for cancellation or refund policy
  • Press 5 for registering complaints against lost baggage
  • Press 9 to talk with a customer service representative.

After you follow the above information step by step, you quickly learn how to use Porter Airlines phone number 1-802-618-8008 and contact the representative for help as the phone service is active round the clock. You will conveniently have subtle answers from the experts within less time and effort.

Contact Porter Airlines via Live Chat:

In case you wish to contact Porter airline's customer service team via chat page, you haven't got appropriate help on the phone or by using social media links. Then you will have to get through the chat option where you can talk to someone at Porter Airlinesa customer care agent who will assist you instantly as soon as they go through your query.

  • In this case, you have to open the official site of the airline 
  • After which, you scroll down or up the page, and there you will get "Contact."
  • Within the contact page, you see a live chat icon over the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Once you tap over it, the chat screen will pop-up
  • Wherein you need to enter your issue and tap the start chat option 
  • Now you will get an agent shortly, and meanwhile, you have to describe your query within the message field box 
  • Now tap over the continue option, and you will get instant assistance from the agent once they go through your query, and you will be provided with appropriate and proper solutions on time.

Contact Porter Airlines via Email Address:

If you seek help with baggage loss, disability assistance, lost and found items, etc. Then it would help if you use different email addresses to contact Porter Airlines, for registering for any of one query, and the address is mentioned below here for your reference.

These are the different email addresses through which you can register your complaint against the query which you are currently going through on Porter Airlines. Or, to have a different email address, you go to the official site contact us page, and there, within the email section, you can write your query and get help.

Contact Porter Airlines via Social Media:

Social media platforms are so prevalent in today's era that you will get every individual using this service daily. Therefore, with Porter Airlines contact page, you will find social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn you can get in touch with Porter Airlines, customer service assistant, for help. To get authentic and appropriate information, you need only send a text to the official social media accounts for your help.


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