Does Porter Airlines Allow Name Changes?

People often type the incorrect spelling of their name while booking a ticket with portal airlines. Then they raise many queries about whether Portal Airlines allows name changes. Porter Airlines is most reliable for providing its customers with many flexible services. And if the name change is subject to any misspelled or nickname, then the correction is allowed to be made by the airlines. Before changing a passenger's name, you need to check the airline's name change policy; you may find a dedicated phone number or a column on the airline's official website to complete the process. You'll be charged a certain amount for the modification as well.

The process for modification and change varies in different airlines. Most airlines provide the complete name change for the reserve and confirmed ticket. However, the full name change policy for confirmed reservations tickets is not allowed under Porter Airlines. Any correction or changes in the name needs to be requested from the original travel agency. The service provided by the airlines is very convenient for its customers. However, changing the name on Porter Airlines service is restricted if you want to do any modification to your reserved tickets.

To modify or change name of Portal Airlines, go through the Porter Airlines name change policy first.

Porter Airlines Name Change Policy

  • The name change on the confirmed reservation with Porter airlines is not permitted. Such reservation needs to be canceled or rebooked on a new PNR.
  • A named change on a partially traveled itinerary is not permitted. You are required t cancel the following reservation.
  • The change name on Porter Airlines is subject to the fees after 24 hours of the flight booking.
  • Any changes made to the flight ticket are cost-free within 24 hours of booking the ticket.

How to Change Name on Porter Airlines?

You need to follow a process to modify your name on the Porter airline ticket. 

  • Browse the official website of Porter Airlines.
  • Login to your account.
  • Visit the 'Manage Booking' section of Porter Airlines.
  • Fill out your details 
  • Select the flight you wish to modify.
  • Locate the 'Edit' option in the name change section to make the rectification on your name.

Change the Misspelled Name on the Ticket:

Suppose there is a spelling mistake on the reservation while booking tickets with the airlines. The passengers can visit the porter website and can modify their name if in case it is misspelled. But you are required to submit identity proof. The passengers' name needs to be the same in the identity proof as they entered on the ticket.

Change of Nickname to a Legal Name:

You can modify it to your legal name if you have entered the nickname by mistake while making the booking. The passenger has to create a new PNR number and might have to pay a certain amount to the airlines as charges to change the name.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Name on Porter Airlines Ticket?

You are allowed to make any modification to your reserved, unused ticket with Porter Airlines. But there is a name change fee, which you have to bear to complete the process. And you can only change your name 4 hours before departure of the flight.

Contact Porter Airlines Customer Care Service for Help

 If you get confused regarding the name change process, you can always scroll to the customer service column of the website. There are many measures to get in touch with the Porter Airlines customer care executive. 

Via Phone Call:

The passengers can get the easy and reliable solution over call to you for any queries related to the name change. You have to follow the IVR menu when you dial the number. After following the IVR procedure, you will get connected to the customer care executive of Porter Airlines.

Via Website:

Scroll down to the official website of Porter Airlines, and you'll find the chat option in the bottom right corner of the website. Start the chat and ask you queries regarding the name change process. However, there will be a Porter Airlines name change fee that you need to pay if you wish to modify the name on your reservation.

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