How Can I Change Porter Airlines Flight?

When unexpected scenarios become too much to handle, you may find yourself looking for ways to cancel or change your flight booking. Passengers who were supposed to board a specific Porter Airline but now need to change the arrangement have come to the right place. Everything detail necessary to change Porter Airlines flight as per your preference is explained.

How Can I Change My Porter Flight Ticket?

Changing your flight is a fairly easy task, and you will only need a few details to start the process. At the time of ticket booking, you must have received a confirmation mail containing the confirmation number, ticket number, and other details. Retrieve these details and get ready to start the process.

  • Open the Porter page on any browser of your choice. It is recommended to use a desktop for this purpose. 
  • On the top of the Porter page, the right side holds the flag of your region. If this is not your flag, select the flag to view the drop-down menu and select your language. After this, your question 'How do I change my Porter flight ticket?' is ready to be answered.
  • The second option on the left is the 'Manage Flights.' Click on this and select the 'My Bookings' tab. A new Porter webpage will ask you to input the confirmation number and the last name you used at the time of booking.
  • Afterward, click on the 'View Itinerary' yellow button. 
  • Once you see your flight, select the button near it which allows you to modify your ticket details.
  • When the process starts, you should follow the instructions one by one to complete the process.
  • Please make sure that the internet is connected throughout the process; else, it will cause complications.

Porter Airlines Flight Change Policy

Are you stuck in a situation where you need to change Porter Airlines flight, and you need to know about the related policies? If that is the case, then please read these points for more clarification.

  • Flight change is not permitted for 'Basic Fare' tickets; apart from this, all other tickets are allowed to make changes up to 1 hour before the departure.
  • You can only change the flight and not the origin or destination. When you make the changes, the origin, destination, name of the passenger, and date of flight must remain the same. You can't change your flight for a different date, destination, or name.
  • Fee charged for the flight change is dependent on flight direction, fare difference, applicable taxes and is subjected to availability.
  • According to Porter Airlines flight change policy, if a passenger decides not to show up, this will allow the airline to forfeit the ticket, and no amount will be returned. 
  • If a third party controls the booking process, they need to make this change request, and no one else will be entertained.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Porter Flight?

The airline has its own set of rules that it deploys to collect flight change charges. Different factors decide the charges; type of seat selected, direction of flight, type of flight(long haul or short haul), date of change request, origin, and destination. If you were to give a rough idea about the cost to change a Porter flight, the following points would perfectly sum it up.

  • The price can range anything between $12 to $150
  • If flights are changed within 45+ days of departure, then Porter Airlines charge less than when changed in less than 45 days' time frame.
  • Same-day flight change is a good option. This feature is motley free for the first 24 hours after booking.
  • People who are club members are also in the safe zone. Since the members pay a regular amount, they receive certain privileges; one of them has to pay the least Porter flight change fee any time after the initial 24 hours are over.

If the article was not enough to clear your doubts, you have other options to do so. You can browse the website, call customer support, go to the airport, talk with an agent, etc. all the provisions are brand new and detailed, so you will never miss out on any information.

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