How Can I Cancel or Change a Delta Airlines Flight?

Delta Airlines is undoubtedly one of the best low-cost carriers you can come across. However, if you need any help, you can get their services very easily. If you wish to change or cancel a Delta Airlines flight, then you only need to go through the detailed information given below and make sure you follow the procedure correctly. 

How to Cancel or Change a Delta Airlines Flight?

Suppose you’re looking forward to change or cancel Delta Airlines flight, then you only need to follow the steps which are given below:

Cancel a Delta Airlines Flight:

  • Get on the official Delta Airlines website. 
  • After that, then click on the button “Manage to book.” 
  • You would need to enter the “Booking reference number or code” on the new page and now enter “Your name.” 
  • Tap on the button of “Search.” 
  • You’ll come across your booking. 
  • You only need to open your booking and make the changes or cancellations. 

Once you have successfully made the cancellation, you must claim your refund. You can make the refund online by filling up the refund form. Or you can even claim a refund with the help of customer support.

Change a Delta Airlines Flight:

To change the Delta flight, you would need to click on the button “Manage to book.” Click on it, you only need to enter the booking code and your name. After this, search for your flight and open your booking. Now tap on the button of change. You can make the suitable changes now. 

How much is the Delta Cancellation Fee?

Delta charges $100 to $200 for the cancellation of a flight. However, in the case of international flights, the charges can go high. That is why it is necessary to follow the cancellation policy before deciding on cancellation. In that manner, you’ll be able to avoid the cancellation fee. 

Is There Any Charge to Change Flights on Delta?

In Delta Airlines, if you make the changes to your reservation, then that change can be free of cost, or at the time, it can go up to $500. If you have made the change in the same cabin class, you’re not going to get charged much. However, in case you upgrade to business class or economy premium, the charges will shoot up. 

Delta Cancellation Policy: 

To avoid the cancellation fee, it is essential to know the Delta cancellation policy. After that, you’re not going to face any issue getting your refund. Once you have made the refund, you only need to proceed further with getting a refund. 

  • To avoid the cancellation, make sure that you have cancelled at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • The other condition you need to follow for the cancellation purpose is that you would need to make sure that you have made the booking at least seven days the departure date. 
  • In case your flight is cancelled by Delta Airlines. Then you would be getting a complete refund or a reserved seat on the next flight to the same designation. 

Delta Flight Change Policy: 

  • You can make the changes to a refundable ticket without making the payment of the change fee. 
  • If the ticket was purchased before 31st August 2021, then there will be a charge of $200. 

Is it Better to Cancel or Change a Delta Flight?

It entirely depends on the situation if cancellation is better or change. You would need to choose that cheaper option for you and convenient. At times, a fundamental change in your reservation can be more affordable than the cancellation fee. 

How to Claim a Refund from Delta Airlines?

The two main ways to claim the refund from Delta Airlines, are the online refund form or contacting customer support. You can contact customer support through call, chat or even with the help of email. Through both the ways, passengers can easily get the refund from Delta Airlines.

Hopefully, your query regarding the process to change or cancel a Delta Airlines flight is resolved. So, if you have any issue with cancellation or flight change. Then you only need to follow the information mentioned above, and your query will be quickly resolved.



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