Can I Change the Name on a Delta Ticket?

Delta Airlines are one of the best and significant airlines in the United States. They offer many facilities to their passengers while traveling on their airline. There are many policies which come under the booking of the flight, and in case the name is mistaken, passengers need to change them. Many passengers ask questions about how they can change their name or if the changing name is available or not. Yes, you can change the name on Delta ticket. There is only one reissue of the name on each passenger ticket. There are many guidelines and rules regarding changing the name of the passengers. 

How Do I Change My Name on Delta Airlines?

Passengers are always ready to plan their trip to the destinations on vacation. They are probably in a hurry because of the less seat availability in peak seasons. There are more chances if the passenger's name is incorrect by the travel agents or the airport or airline authority. Most name corrections may be made without contacting Delta Airlines. If you are looking for "how to change my name on Delta Airlines" then follow the guidelines given below:

  • Changes apply worldwide for Delta 006 ticket stock. 
  • All flights on the ticket must be Delta-operated (including Delta Connection carriers) to change the name.
  • There will be only one reissue for a name correction per passenger ticket.

Simple Steps to Change name on Delta Airlines Ticket:

  • Passengers need to visit the official website of Delta Airlines. Then click on Manage my travel.
  • Now, the passenger will be directed to a page where they will enter their ticket details.
  • Now, click on the Next button. Select the booking in which the passengers wish to change the name.
  • Now click on the Edit option. Passengers will be given three stages of changing their flight. First, they will change the itinerary details, then the flight details, and third will change the personal details. Passengers may directly skip to the third stage to change their name.
  • Now follow the given instructions to change the name on the Delta Airlines ticket. 
  • After making the changes related to the name, click on Confirm and check the email ID registered for the new ticket with the changed name printed on it.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy:

  • Airlines allow a free change for their passengers if the changes are done within 24 hours of the flight's departure.
  • After 24 hours, the airline will charge some fees that a passenger needs to pay to get the name changed on their tickets.
  • The charges for changing a name in Airlines start from $75 to $500 as per the timing and schedule of the flights. 

The charges of changing the name after 24 hours depending on the type of ticket a passenger has and the time left for the journey. 

How Much Does Delta Charge to Change the Name on a Ticket?

Delta airlines have prescribed the name change charges for the passengers, and if they want to change the name on Delta Airlines flight ticket, they have to pay the name change fee. The flight name change fee starts from $75 to $500, mainly depending on the type of ticket they have booked for their trip to their destinations, timing, and flight hours.

Does Delta Allow Name Changes?

Yes, passengers can change the name on Delta ticket own using the internet. The only thing they will need to do is follow the instructions given on the page or the airline's official website. There are some steps that passengers can follow to change their name online: to change my name on Delta Airlines ticket onlinefollow the steps given below:

  • Open the internet browser on the device using a good internet connection. Go to the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the Manage my travel option. Their passengers will be asked about the details of the tickets and enter the information.
  • Tap on the Next button. Select the option of changing the name. By following these ways, passengers will be able to change their names.  

How Do I Change My Name on the Delta App?

Suppose the passengers cannot use an online method to change the name on a Delta ticket. They can use the Delta Airline App to change the name on their tickets. There must be a slight difference when using the application compared to the online method with the help of the official website. Steps of using an application to change names are given below:

  • Open the application on the device.
  • Edit the profile information by clicking the type of information the passengers wish to edit at the top.
  • There will be an option of 'about me' or 'credit cards. Click the red button, shown underneath the section passengers want to change. 
  • Enter all the information asked to change the name on the tickets. After entering all the information, click the red "Submit" button.

In this way, passengers can change the name on a Delta Ticket using an application.

How Long Does It Take to Change Your Name on Delta Skymiles?

According to the information provided by Delta Airlines, the process to change name on Delta Skymiles takes earliest few days or latest 2-3 weeks. Before you are going for the Delta Airlines name change process, you must go through the Delta Airlines name change policy first.

How Long Does it Take to Change Name with Delta?

If you may make mistake in name while booking the flight ticket then you don’t have to worry that delta Airlines gives you a chance to change the name once without any charges. This will take only 24 hours to change the name and get confirmation on your registered mail id when you requested to change the name. By following some steps you can easily change name on delta ticket. However, you get only one chance to correct the name on the flight ticket without any prior fees.

How Do I Change My Name on My Delta Account?

if you are looking for how to change my name on my delta account, follow the steps given below:

  • Initially, you have to go to the official delta airline webpage or delta account. Then, click on manage my trip. 
  • Then, move to the age where you will find that ask to enter the flight details. You have to enter the last name of the passenger and the reservation number. 
  • Now, select the booking where you want to change the name and click on the editing button. 
  • After that, you will get the three options to change the name. The first one is itinerary detail change, then flight detail change and the last one is the change in personal details. You have to select the personal detail to change the name of the passenger.
  • Lastly, you have to confirm the changes and then check your registered email id to receive the ticket with the delta airline name change. Again verify that the name is correct or not. 

Can you change person on Delta ticket?

No, the delta Airline does not allow to change the person on the ticket. If you want to transfer the ticket to someone else then you have to chancel the ticket and then rebook the ticket for them. You have to follow the procedure properly to change the person on the ticket.

Hope that by following all the above steps and information you will get to change the name on Delta Airlines ticket and then enjoy the journey without any hassle. 

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