How Can I Change Delta Flight Ticket Date?

Is it Possible to Change My Delta Flight Ticket Date?

Many such situations occur when a person alters the plans. If the person is booking the flight, most of the flyer doesn’t know about the flight date change process. Yes, with this, you can change Delta flight ticket date and save a lot of money. Though, before knowing the process, you must know about the policies or terms and conditions. You can learn about it further in this blog. 

Delta Date Change Policy

With policy, you can make the decision better and effectively. And Delta date change policy is prominent and customer-friendly. 

  • When you make changes in the ticket within 24 hours of booking and a week before then, you don’t have to bear any kind of charges. 
  • If you want to make changes at the last moment or after 24 hours of purchasing, you have to pay some penalty. It depends on the ticket type and the destination, so there are no such fixed charges for the flight date change. 
  • If the ticket is not permissible or does not allow you to make changes, you have to cancel it, but you cannot change the flight date. 
  • When you are flying or covering any international place, then you are allowed to make a change within 24 hours of purchase but not on the same day of departure. 
  • Those who have Delta airlines flyer program membership can change the flight date, any time. However, they need to contact the support person, and then they can introduce the changes in the ticket. 
  • There are many types of tickets, and if you have gotten the rewarded ticket, you are not allowed to change the ticket date. 
  • Those in the no-show condition or the situation when a person misses the flight without providing any information about the cancellation are not eligible to change the flight’s date. The ticket’s fare is equivalent to the cancellation charges. 

How to Change Delta Flight Ticket Date?

To change date on Delta, you need to run certain steps online. It is easy to direct, and you can run this at any moment. 

  • Go to the search engine and type “the official website of Delta airlines.” 
  • You can see the results and click on delta airlines official website. 
  • Further, you can see the “My trips” section at the top of the page. Here you can see the booking that you have made so far. Now, to search the one you want to mention the confirmation number and first and last name. 
  • Click on the arrow or search icon and then click on the “change flight date” option. 
  • Here you have to choose the new date, and if there is any payment difference, you have to pay it and then receive the new tickets at the registered email address. 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can change flight date on Delta Airlines and get a new ticket. Here, if you cannot direct the steps, you can talk to the person and get real-time support. 

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