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Here 'we', 'us 'our' or 'Faresfriction' refers to Faresfriction.com services, and 'you' or 'your' indicate to you as a user who is accessing this website.

This terms and conditions page comprises an agreement and a waiver of the user's right so as to participate in a class action or representative lawsuit.

We might make changes to Terms of this website for any reason anytime with the effect of a new version uploaded on this website. Also, the changes made in the terms won't affect rights and obligations arising prior to such changes. When you access our website; the modified changes will be subjected to the terms and conditions in effect during the time of your use. Hence kindly, go through these terms thoroughly and if you object to any subsequent changes or any provision of these terms, or you're not satisfied with any policy, you can immediately terminate the use of our website.

Faresfriction Does Not Sell Travel Products

Faresfriction is a search engine; a flight comparison website that never offers and owns or controls any kind of travel services, products that you can get through this website, for example, flights, deals. travel insurance. The travel products available on the website are controlled, owned, or made by the third party, airline directly, or through a travel agent. The service provides are responsible for their products if somehow you use the products you agree to their terms and privacy policy. On accessing, any travel service provider's product or services through this website is at your own risk we Faresfriction doesn't take responsibility if anything goes wrong during the access of the services.

Booking Through Faresfriction

When you make a flight booking through our website then the booking will be made by the travel product provider's name this website acts only as a user-interface. Besides, we are not responsible for the booking Faresfriction doesn't involve in making flight reservations.

Intellectual Property

Along with our corporate affiliates and licensors, Faresfriction owns all of the software, image, text, trademarks, and other materials available on the website. No one is allowed to copy or transmit any of the content for any kind of personal or commercial usage. The copyrights, trademark, and all the proprietary rights notices presented on Faresfriction must be there on all copies that you print.

Your Intellectual Property Rights

Our website understands one's intellectual property rights and it prohibits you to upload, post, or transmit content that can violate another user's intellectual property rights. Just in case, you find that any of your copyright or trademark is being violated, you can go to our Proprietary Rights Complaint Process. You can download it here and by going along with the instructions and send us a written notification mentioned to the address within.

Warranty Disclaimer

All the services provided by this website is usually generated through an automated fashion; there might be chances of errors. However, we display many search results. That might not the whole results and there's a possibility of not displaying all the available service and offers. Also, we may not show the lowest available flight fare and we also disclaim to the fullest permitted all warranties of any kind express or intended, included, but not restricted to, any mentioned warranties for marketing, non-infringement, title, and security and accuracy.

Our Liability Is Limited

We (together with our directors, officers, employees, shareholders, representatives, affiliates, and providers) to the extent valid by the law hereby inform that any liability or responsibility for any damage or loss to your computer that may be damaged by any viruses while using the website. Also, for the downloading of any kind of content from Faresfriction or any failure or delay in the flights don't lie under insurance or cover. If you somehow face any discrepancy in the travel product, Faresfriction is not liable and you should contact directly to the owner of the service.

You Agree to Protect Us

Subjected to this Terms and Conditions, you will protect, compensate and hold us including our employees, officers, directors, and agents from any claim, cause of action, loss or demand, liability, expense without any reasonable legal or accounting fees, arose due to a way connected with the breach made by you, your breach of any applicable law and your use of access to Faresfriction or the Intellectual Property.


This website may contain links to other websites or service providers that we don't control and we don't take any responsibility for the services provided by that travel product. These links are here for a reference for making it convenient for you to access services without any hassle. On finding any flaw to the services offered by those links, you must go through their privacy and terms to proceed.

General Requirements

We may change or modify these terms of use at any time as per the requirement of the company; in doing so we are not bound to notice you in advance. Being a flight fare comparison portal, we don't take any responsibility and liability for any flaws or actions of the travel product or licensors or the services provided by other independent service providers. The terms and conditions of the service provider would be associated with your travel product. We highly recommend you to go through their terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully because they do contain notable details concerning your flight services.

Your Feedback

Foremost, we would appreciate your small effort to make us correct or pointing out the flaws in our service through your valuable feedback. We would like to get your comments, questions, suggestions with us here. Also, we don't assume any responsibility to review unsolicited ideas for our business like advertising products. Additionally, you're solely responsible for the content that you submit, including its originality, reliability, and copyright. Do not reveal any business secrets or any kind of confidential information in your messages.