Can You Change Flight Dates Air Transat?

Air Transat allows passengers to change flight dates online via the “manage booking” section quickly. You can change a flight date within 24 hours before flight departure and avoid unnecessary charges while doing so at any time. You can change flight date on Air Transat and for that, go through the questions asked by the users.

How Can I Change Flight Date on Air Transat?

Passengers can have a specific option to change the Air Transat flight on its official booking website, where you can complete the flight change process at your suitable time perfectly. When you notice a wrong travel date in your booking, you should initiate the process to change flight dates Air Transat and modify flight dates to travel smoothly at a particular date and time. If you are required to change your flight date, go through the steps provided by the expert team.

  • First, visit the booking website and click on the log-in button to access your booking using the proper credentials.
  • Go to the manage booking and enter the correct booking confirmation number and last name of the passenger into the required fields.
  • Go to the date and time section, choose the date option, and click on the edit button to enter the new date smoothly.
  • Click the submit button and get a message of flight date change on your mobile phone at the end.

Air Transat Date Change Policy

If you need to change flight date and wish to know the genuine policy, you must deeply understand the basic points. There are no hidden charges you have to pay when you go through the Air Transat date change policy and complete the task of flight change at your required time perfectly.

  • When you choose standard airline policy to change flight date, time, and destination, goes through the flight change up to 24 hours of the departure.
  • If you have reserved your flight ticket and change the date of your flight within 24 hours after that, you don’t need to pay any penny.
  • When you select a domestic flight to change the flight date beyond 24 hours, you must select the flight date change fee to pay quickly.
  • If you have selected flexibility on flights to change flight dates, you don’t need to pay any extra amount whether you selected Economy, Business, or First class.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Air Transat Flight Date?

You can book a flight today for the specific date and time, and further, if you wish to change your flight’s details, you need to adhere to terms and conditions. Simultaneously, if you wish to go through the flight date change process abruptly, you must be aware that the Air Transat Date Change fee could be different as per the flight booking. When you book a domestic flight ticket to change its date, you must pay at least a $75 fee. For an international flight ticket date change, you have to pay $150 per head and secure your booking until you complete your journey at a particular date and time accordingly.

Can I Change the Date of a Booked Air Transat Flight?

When you find your flight is not on time on the determined date and time, you can initiate the process to change Air Transat flight date effortlessly. But if you have some more doubts and cannot change the date of a booked Air Transat flight, go through the essential points.

  • When your ticket is issued through Air Transat flight, but you notice incorrect details for your flight date, you can change your flight date before flight departure.
  • If you have booked a refundable flight ticket, you can smoothly start the flight’s date change process on Air Transat Airlines.
  • If your flight booking price increases from the original purchase, you need to pay the different prices for flight date modification.
  • When you select the same-day ticket change process, you can choose the flight booking date to modify and complete the process without any trouble.  

Suppose you wish to get further information about the Air Transat date change policy or how to change flight date on Air Transat. In that case, you can contact Air Transat customer service team to assist you at your suitable time ideally.


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