Why Doesn't American Airlines Answer the Phone?

American Airlines is one of the largest modes of Air communication for Americans to travel to various domestic and international destinations. Customers often ask why American Airlines doesn't answer the phone call. American Airlines is one of the busiest Airlines in the aviation sector of the United States of America.

Why American Airlines Doesn’t Answer the Phone?

As a very popular Airline, there are several reasons why it is so difficult to connect with American Airlines. The reasons for not getting through American Airlines phone number are given below:

Heavy Call Traffic in the Network: Generally, what happens is that a customer service number is dialed by many people wanting to connect at the same time while all the lines to the number are already busy with passengers calling for various queries. This creates huge congestion in the call network because the call made to customer service does not go through.

Covid-Related Issues: After the covid19 pandemic, it has become tough for every Airline to take calls from customers within a limited time.

Long Hold Time on Calls: If you call on the American Airlines phone number, and after following the IVR instruction, you choose the option to speak to a customer service representative, the duration of that hold time may stretch for a longer period than the prescribed hold time, which is not feasible most of the time.

A Large Number of Queries by the Passengers: After calling, if a customer gets connected to customer service instantly and can talk to a person directly, which usually results in additional queries and their clarifications in detail. A single call goes beyond the normal time, and the waiting call time of other passengers increases by every minute. That is why American Airlines doesn't answer the phone as effectively as it should.

Festive Seasons and Long Weekends: In those times of the year when festivals or a long weekend are coming up, it is the busiest time for airlines. A huge cluster of passengers flies these days, making it difficult for Airlines to cater the call services to the customers.

The factors mentioned above are the major issues why it is hard to get hold of American Airlines.

Other Ways to Communicate with the America Airlines Customer Service

To avoid the call hold time, you can try other means of communication with customer service. The issue of why American Airlines doesn't answer the phone can be resolved in the following ways:

By Calling the Local Number of the Airline: Generally, when customers want to call American Airlines, they always call on the customer service number, which is common for all passengers, either local or from any other state. But if you try the local number of the Airline, you can connect with customer service within a short time. To call on the local number, follow the simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of the Airline
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Find the local phone number of the Airline
  • Dial the number and follow the IVR instructions
  • Speak to a person from customer service directly

By Call Back: You can request a call back from the customer service of American Airlines to skip the long hold time. You must choose the callback option on the IVR and leave your preferred time and date for the callback. A request form for receiving a call back can also be filled out and submitted with the necessary details on the official Website of American Airlines.

By Email: If you want to call on American Airlines phone number and talk to a customer service representative for some queries and issues, but you cannot connect via call, one of the options to connect is sending an email to customer service. You can compose a mail mentioning all the queries and doubts and send it to the customer service of American Airlines. Upon receiving your mail, customer service will revert with the necessary information on your queries and issues.

By Feedback Form: The official website of American Airlines gives an option for customers to fill out and submit a feedback form. To get to the feedback form on the website, you will have to go through the following simple steps.

  • Visit the official webpage of American Airlines
  • Go to the contact us tab
  • Select the feedback form option
  • Enter your message 
  • Send it to customer service.

American Airlines customer service department can be contacted effectively by other means if it is hard to get hold of American Airlines on phone call.

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