What is British Airways 72 hour cancellation policy?

British Airways is one of the famous names in the Aviation industry known to provide the best policies and services. In case you book a flight ticket with the airline, or take any packages that include hotel, car, etc, specific cancelation terms and conditions apply. The article below aims to provide complete information about British Airways cancellation policy; you should take a look to have a hassle-free experience. 

What is the British Airways 72 hours cancletion policy? 

The British Airways 72 hour cancellation policy is applicable in case you buy a package from the airline; here you can see the details: 

For Flight + Hotel package, Flight + Car package, and Multi-centre holiday bookings:

  • If you cancel the booking after 28 days, the loss of deposit occurs. The loss of deposits is applicable even if you did not pay the deposit initially. The deposit amounts vary based on the value of your holiday.  
  • For booking, if you cancel more than 72 hours to up to 28 days before travel, then a loss of 60 % of the total package value occurs.
  • For bookings that are canceled less than 72 hours before departure, No refund is due. 
  • For packages with a non-changeable / Non-refundable hotel, no refund is due. 
  • As per the British Airways 72 hour cancellation policythe cancletion fee applies to the hotel, car, or transfer value. In case you are due a partial refund, the non-Avios payment will be credited first, which is followed by a refund of Avios. 

For Hotel, Car and Transfer only & Hotel/Car/Transfer Add-ons

  • As per the British Airways 72-hour cancellation policy if you cancel the ticket more than 72 hours before the departure, then the loss of 20 % of your package value occurs. 
  • If you cancel the ticket less than 72 hours before the departure, and for Non-changeable/non-refundable hotels, No refund is due. 

How to cancel British Airways Flight Ticket?

In case you do not want to continue with the reservation, you can easily cancel the booking via the official website, call center, or at the airport. For phone and airport cancletion, you might need to pay additional service charges. Chcek out the further details: 

Cancel BA flight ticket online: 

  • Go to the British Airways official website, go to the manage my booking section
  •  https://www.britishairways.com/travel/managebooking/public/ko_kr 
  • Under the login section, insert the reservation number and surname
  • Click on ‘View other reservations’ to access details
  • Choose the ticket you need to cancel, click on the cancel option 
  • Provide the cancelation reason and proceed with the cancletion 
  • Follow the prompts and pay for the cancelation fee if applicable, and you can complete the cancellation process 

Cancel BA flight ticket by phone: 

If you wish to cancel the booking via phone, dial the British Airways phone number 1-802-618-8008 / 1-800-247-9297 or +44 203-769-1084 (OTA). Speak to the representative and share your cancelation request. Provide details, and they will cancel your booking at the same time. Pay for the cancelation fee online, and you will get the cancelation confirmation email soon. 

What is the British Airways flight cancelation fee?

If you cancel a British Airways flight within 24 hours from the booking and departure date after a week, no cancellation fee applies. Besides, once the risk-free period passes and you cancel the ticket later, a cancelation fee based on various factors, such as route, distance, cancelation time, and fare conditions, applies. 

Conclusion: By walking through the details, you can easily cancel your British Airways flight ticket anytime. However, make sure to go through the British Airways cancellation policy to avoid any hassle. For more information or if you have any doubt, speak to British Airways customer service directly, or you can log in to the account and access personalized assistance on various issues. 

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