Japan Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Japan Airline cancellations are easy to perform. To cancel a Japan Airlines (JAL) and get a refund, It is highly convenient for the customers to know about the “Refund Policies” and “Cancellation policies”. Take a closer look at the Japan Airlines cancellation & refund policy to have a better understanding of the terms and conditions associated with refunds and cancellations of the Japan airlines. Let us have a look at the Japan Airlines cancellation policy first. 

Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • A 24-hour cancellation policy is effective for all the flights that are operated by Japan airlines. 
  • A cancellation fee is charged and it depends on how near is the departure date from cancellation. 
  • Travelers can cancel their flight reservations to get a refund for the canceled flight with JAL. 
  • Travelers can cancel their flights online using the ‘manage my booking’ option.
  • The cancellation fee charged by JAL is USD 100 to 400. It depends on the departure f the flight. Generally, the cancellation charges are higher if the flights are nearing the departure date.
  • Travelers can cancel their flight reservations online, at the airport, or by calling the customer service department. 
  • Cancellations are expensive for flights that are canceled at the airport and by calling the customer service department. 

How to Cancel Japan Airlines Flight?

Steps to cancel a Japan Airlines Flight: 

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official JAL website. 
  • Select the ‘My Trips’ option on the page. Select the “manage my booking” option. 
  • Enter a few details to access your Japan Airlines reservation. Enter your booking id or reservation number followed by the last name. Hit the “submit” option.
  • You will be redirected to another page. Select the reservation that you wish to cancel and select the “cancel flight” option. 
  • Proceed to the payments page. Complete the payment (if applicable). 
  • Travelers will receive a cancellation confirmation code. This is vital for refunds. 

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel a Japan Airlines Flight?

Travelers have to pay some additional charges for canceling their Japan Airline (JAL) flight. The cancellation fee is zero if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the initial reservation. The Japan Airlines cancellation fee is USD 100 to 400. This usually depends on the departure date of the concerned flight. 

Japan Airlines Refund Policy

  •  After the successful cancellation of the flight, refunds are initiated by the Japan airline. 
  • Refunds are available for refundable flights. 
  • Travelers will get a future travel credit with the airline if they cancel a non-refundable flight. 
  • The source of payment will receive the refund amount from Japan Airlines.  
  • The mode of booking and the booking location also plays a vital role in refunds for JAL flights. 
  • Passengers can get vouchers for the remaining balance of their flight reservation. 

How to Get a Refund from Japan Airlines?

Steps to Get a Refund from Japan Airlines:  

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official website of JAL to access the refund option. 
  • Select the refunds option and select the “refund request” option on the page. 
  • Travelers need to enter details in the refund request form and hit the submit option. 
  • Your registered email address will receive a refund confirmation email from the Japan Airlines customer service. 

Travelers can check the refund status on the website under the refunds section on the homepage. Passengers can also speak with the customer service department to get refund details. Travelers can dial the Japan Airlines phone number 1-802-618-8008 or 1-800-525-3663 and get the help from customer executive 24/7. 

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