Is It Better to Call the Airline to Book a Flight?

Yes, it is better to call the airline to book a flight, as sometimes customers face network issues with online booking. Calling the airline can also resolve your queries and help you understand the airline's services in detail, and also you can get better deals by speaking with a person from the airline. In case of queries related to your flight, you can ask those questions before booking the flight from the executive of the airline. 

You can also dial the Google flights phone number and get better deals on your booking. Booking by google flights may get you flight tickets at a low price.

How to Call the Airline to Book a Flight?

Reach out to the reservation team of the airline to book your flight tickets. The contact no. of the reservation team is mentioned online on the website of the airline in which you want to book your seat. Go to the official website of your preferred airline and open the contact page, pick the number and call the airline to book a flight by following the instructions given below.

  • Dial the reservation team no. of the airline on your phone
  • Choose the language you are comfortable with or in which you need assistance
  • Listen to the menu instructions carefully:
  1. Press 1 to Check Flight Status,
  2. Press 2 to Cancel the Flights,
  3. Press 3 to apply for a Refund,
  4. Press 4 to Upgrade the Seat,
  5. Press 0 to talk with an executive.
  • You will get a person on call after a few minutes
  • Now you can request the person to make your bookings
  • Let them know the required details, and they will suggest you the best flights to book with the cost
  • Choose the flight you want to book and continue with the online payment
  • After the payment for the flight tickets, you will receive the confirmation through email

Other Ways to Book Flight Tickets

If you have tried to call the airline to book a flight but do not connect with a live person for some reason, then there are other ways as well by which you can book the flights online. Consider the following methods to book your flights:

Through Website: If you have a stable network connection, you can consider booking your flight directly from the airline's official website. It is easy to check the availability of fights at your desired destination and book online. Book your flights by following the below steps.

  • Open the official website of the airline and sign in with your account,
  • Search the flights by entering the destination to & from, your preferred date, and no. of passengers,
  • Compare the available flights based on your search,
  • Select the flight to make the booking,
  • Fill in all the passenger details, then tap on the payment button,
  • Select your preferred mode to pay for the flight ticket,
  • Now, you can download the e-ticket from the website

Through Chat: You can also make your booking by chatting with the airline's executive. You must open the airline's official website and go to its customer support page. You will find the chat icon to connect with a person at the airline. Tap the icon and select the option "book my flight" then the assistant will give you instructions and ask for the details to book the flight tickets.

Hence, reach out to the reservation team to book a seat at the airline or use the Google flights phone number. Instead of calling, you can use other ways too.

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