How Do I Speak to Korean Air Representative?

Suppose you have faced an inconvenient experience while traveling with Korean Air. In that case, you may speak to Korean Air representative to share your feedback or get solutions if you want any assistance. Korean Air is the name that enlisted among the most preferred international airlines and gives you a space in the air to experience comfort, classy cabins, delicious meals, and many more things. 

Passenger helpline services are managed by the multiple mediums, which are call, chat, and social media. Among all of these ways, the best way is a phone call facility to contact the airline, which lets you talk to a real person at Korean Air for all sorts of help. But an online chat or social media option is also obtained by the passengers from the customer support service of Korean Air.

How Do I Speak to Korean Air Representative Directly?

The phone call facility is entertained when you want to make verbal contact with someone. So, to get through this facility, you should dial the Korean Air phone number “1 800 438 5000” and try to connect with the representative. The airline’s customer support team now uses IVR, which controls all the calls. Go through the simple steps given below, to make a call:

  • Make a call to the official contact number and listen to the options to select your language.
  • From here, IVR will provide you the digits and the linked services with it.
  • Press 1 - To check your flight status.
  • Press 2 - To do an online check-in.
  • Press 3 - To modify your bookings.
  • Press 4 - To add baggage on your journey.
  • Press * or # - To speak with a Korean Air live representative
  • The real person will assist you verbally with every query.

Cost to Call Korean Air: When you speak to Korean Air representative, then some charges are applied on the call. These charges are variable because the cost of the service you have obtained is also added to it. It is approximately estimated that the call cost is 5 USD and may go higher depending upon your call time. Per the Chinese and Japanese standard time, the call service stays available between 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. If you are dialling a Korean Air phone number from outside the country, then the charges are applied according to the international call.

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You may also get through these phone that are operated by the customer support team of Korean Air in other countries or regions. These numbers will help you when you try to speak to a live person at Korean Air and get the answers instantly.

  • For U.S. / Canada: 1 800 438 5000
  • For Brazil: 0800 3176670
  • For Germany: 0800 000 7482
  • For UK: 0800 0265 883
  • For India: 124 481 5588
  • For Russia: 8 800 500 2510
  • For Turkey: 312 900 1627
  • For Switzerland: 0800 140325
  • For Italy: 800 598 965
  • For Portugal: 800 600 804

Other Ways to Get in Touch with Korean Air Customer Representative

If you are not available to use the Korean Air phone number to get any type of help, then you have other modes of contact that also help the customers in various ways. Let’s get acquainted with them.

Live Chat: To make a contact with the airline in the nonverbal mode, you are eligible to avail of this facility. Online chat is operated under a virtual assistant, which means a person with no visible identity from the airline will help you and give the answers to your problems online. See what the steps are to obtain this.

  • Visit the website of Korean Air, i.e.,, and click on the “Service Centre” tab.
  • A popup icon of the chat will arrive on the screen that you can select to open the virtual assistant page.
  • Observe the typing area and type your questions. Please send them to the airline and get answers accordingly.
  • It is a very beneficial and dependable facility for customer support services, which is why it is also available in the airline’s mobile application.

Social Media: There are various social media platforms in the world, and from all of them, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are widely used. We are aware of them and utilize these media portals for entertainment and socializing with strangers. But you can talk to a someone at Korean Air social media team through any of these.

  • Open your account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Visit your homepage and click on the search option.
  • Here, type the airline’s name and get through the official media page operating on the platform.
  • Tap on the “message” tab and send your queries.
  • You will get the answers in the minimum possible time from the airline with the best solutions.

Now, you have complete knowledge of customer services, where you can speak to Korean Air representative, connect yourself with a virtual assistant, or reach the airline’s particular media page.

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