How Do I Select Seats on JAL?

Does JAL Charge for Seat Selection?

If you have a booking with JAL and are looking forward to selecting your seat, the airline may or may not charge for the seat selection. The JAL charge for seat selection depends on some terms and conditions, which are as below:-

JAL Seat Selection-Terms and Conditions

  • If you are traveling on JAL First class, Business class, premium economy class, or economy class with normal or discount fares, you can select the seat free of cost.
  • The free seat selections are also available for the passengers using award tickets.
  • The seats available might be limited to the fare type, required award ticket, and the location from where it is booked. As the seats are limited, it might be possible that you don’t get the desired seat.
  • Besides, there are some situations when seat selections are unavailable, like when all the seats available for advance seat selections are already sold out and for Deutsche Bahn rail segments.
  • Apart from it, if you want to get extra legroom, you might have to pay for the services, but it’s not the rule for everyone.
  • As per the JAL seat selection policy, you may need to pay for seat selection if you have a reservation with economy class (B/H/K/M/L/V/S/Q/N/O/T).
  • If you are a member of JMD Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, JMB Crystal, JAL Global Club, and One World Tier Stats, you can choose the extra legroom free of cost.
  • You can also speak to the call center to book extra legroom seats to accompany passengers traveling with status members.
  • If you book a flight with booking class Y, you can also select an extra legroom seat free of cost.
  • The emergency exit row seats are limited to passengers satisfying every condition. Exit row seats can be re-assigned on the departure day without refund if the passengers don’t meet safety criteria.

How Do I Select Seats on JAL?

There are many ways to select a seat on JAL, you can select your seats online and offline by speaking to the reservation department. Here you can follow the detailed information below to select your seat with JAL anytime.

Select Seats on JAL Via JAL Website:

  • A first go to the Official web portal of Japan airlines
  • There you can locate the option View My reservation on the homepage
  • Under view my reservation, you can go to the option My Reservations
  • Now you enter the booking code, date of departure, first name, and last name ad click on the tab view my reservation
  • By doing this, you will get a list of JAL flights that you have booked
  • From there, select the flights that you wish to reserve a seat
  • There you will get to see all flight segments, and from there, you can select a seat for all Japan airlines flights under the same reservation by clicking on the link seat Assignment
  • Now you can select the seat highlighted with green and make sure that you agree on the terms and conditions for seat selection

Besides, JAL also block some seats, which you can’t select online. The blocked seats are reserved for Full Fare First class customers. If you want those seats, you can ask the JAL representative at the airport.

Select Seats on JAL Via Reservation Department

If you cannot select your seat online, you can also speak to the JAL representative for your seat selection on Japan airlines. Here you can go through the steps below for a better understanding.

  • Dial the JAL reservation department phone number
  • Choose the preferred language from the instructions on your phone
  • You can now go ahead with the options that connect you with the reservation department
  • Once connected, you can ask the representative to reserve a seat for you

So this is how you can select your seat in JAL. If you book your ticket via any third-party travel agent, you can also speak to them to reserve the seat. After your seat is reserved, you can also change or select seats on JAL by visiting manage booking section online.

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