How Do I Get a Refund from Vueling?

Often there are circumstances where passengers find emergencies wherein you will have to cancel your reservation. But in case you are not familiar with the cancellation issues, then you should know that it can be a problem that you have COVID due to which you can't fly and wish to get a refund from Vueling, and in such regards, you should go through this section where you will have answers related to Vueling refund.

Steps to Quickly Get a Refund from Vueling Airlines:

You will have to first know about the steps through which you will have guidance on how to process started for Vueling Airlines refund. Once you fill out the refund application, your refund procedure will start at Vueling, and you have a refund within 20 business days, dial 1-802-618-8008 for more information.

  • Initially, visit the official website of Vueling or dial 1-802-618-8008
  • After that, access the manage my booking section, where you will find the refund request form
  • After which, you will have to fill the refund application with necessary details like personal information 
  • Now enter flight details like trip type, select the reason for the refund and describe it within 1000 characters and choose the terms and condition tab
  • Once you have completed the refund form, click on the submit button
  • Next, you will receive an email with the flight credits which you used to purchase the flight
  • And then finally, after a few days of the process, you will get your Vueling refund amount in the credit section, which you can use for a future booking.

Vueling Airlines Refund Policy

Often while canceling your flight ticket, you neglect the policies. So, in such a matter, you doubt the deduction on your reservation. How much do you get a refund from Vueling after the flight cancellation? Then in such a situation, you should go through this section and have guidelines accordingly for reference.

  • According to the Vueling refund policy, in case you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of purchase, then you will have 100% of refunds
  • But instead of this, if you cancel your ticket after the free time zone 24 hours, then on the cancelation, you will have to bear the cancellation charges, and after that, you will get a refund amount of credit
  • You can only cancel valid Vueling flight tickets under a time frame if they are eligible 
  • Finally, if you cancel the flight ticket just a few hours before the purchased departure and the ticket is less than a week in advance, you have to pay the penalty, which will refund the amount.

Thus, by reading the above points of Vueling refund policy, you will be able to obtain the most necessary information regarding the Vueling refund process.

How Long Does It Take for the Refund with Vueling?

Once you applied for the Vueling refund, it majorly depends upon the mode by which you made the payment. Accordingly, you will get your money back from Vueling because if the payment were made online, it would take 7 calendar days, and on the other hand, if the payment mode were check or cash, it would go up to 20 business days.

How Do I Contact Vueling for a Refund?

If you wish to get a refund from Vueling Airlines, but first you want to get an opinion from the Vueling customer service agent, then contact Vueling for a refund by using the helpline number you will have on the contact page once you visit the airline's official website. Because once you dial the Vueling refund phone number; 1-802-618-8008, you will tap on the refund IVR option, and then your call will automatically get transferred to a live representative for support.


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Does Vueling Refund Money?

Yes, Vueling Airlines issue a refund to the passengers once they cancel the flight ticket. If Vueling Airlines cancel the journey, they will initiate a complete refund. Before you are going to cancel your Vueling flight ticket and get a refund, you must know about the Vueling cancellation & refund policy. So that, you can get your Vueling refund without any hassle.

How Do I Get My Money Back from Vueling?

In case you wish to get your money back from Vueling Airlines. You canceled your flight ticket for a justified reason such as illness or any other emergency, and you can get my money back from Vueling once you fill out the refund application form or by providing the correct documents to prove your problem, or you can use customer service modes like phone, chat or email for refunds.

Can You Get a Refund on a Vueling Flight?

At Vueling Airline, refunds are offered to passengers once they cancel their flight ticket but majorly in the form of credit, which you can use for future ticket booking, and it also depends on what type of ticket you have purchased online. To get a refund from Vueling Airlines without any hassle, first you must go through the terms & conditions provided by the Vueling Airlines.

Can I Cancel Vueling Flight and Get a Full Refund?

Yes, passengers can cancel Vueling flight and get a refund without hassle. Once they fill out the refund form from the official website page or contact a customer service agent because an online refund application sometimes becomes quite hectic, you will get stuck. So, you must contact a customer service live representative for help.

How Do I Get a Cash Refund from Vueling?

Airline companies maintain many blueprints to keep the airline structure standing. These policies hold all the departments together and keep them functioning. Sometimes these rules don’t sit well with the passengers. Such is the case with the Vueling refund policy. Passengers who require a cash refund would find the no-cash refund policy a bit restraining, but it’s not impossible. Under certain situations, you can get a cash refund from Vueling; you just need to connect through the right channel.

Steps to Get a Cash Refund from Vueling:

  • Go to the Vueling Airlines page and scroll to the ‘Contact Us’ box. 
  • Retrieve the customer center contact details from the ‘All our phone number’ title.
  • Next, call during the first 30 minutes of opening. 
  • Explain your case and give them supporting documents. 
  • You can also ask the staff to convert your voucher into a cash amount under exceptional situations.

The Vueling Airline is in general understanding, but keep the proof documents ready and always connect through call.

How Do I Cancel My Vueling Booking?

You must cancel the flight ticket before the scheduled departure to obtain the Vueling refund using the below simple steps:

  • To start, you must open the official website of Vueling airlines on your device.
  • Then, you need to select the manage booking handle available on the website.
  • You need to add the confirmation code with your last name and tap on the confirm button.
  • From the list of bookings, you need to choose the flight you want to cancel and tap on the cancel flight button.
  • You can see the final amount after subtracting the charges or fees.
  • Once you tap on the continue button, your flight will be canceled immediately, and Vueling airlines will deliver you the confirmation message on your mail. 
  • After that, you can fill out the refund form and get back your money.

If due to some valid reasons you are unable to fly on the scheduled day, you may avail a refund in the form of flight credit. For this, a passenger is required to submit a valid document that proves that the reason provided by the passenger is valid.

With the above information, you can easily understand the process to get a refund from Vueling Airlines and it's policies. Even after that, if you stuck in any situation related to Vueling refund then you can simply contact the customer service department and get the help you need.

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