How Do I Get a Refund from Thai Airways?

Certain times, when there is an emergency regarding the cancelation of flight tickets on Thai Airways. If the cancelation of flight tickets is canceled by the airlines, they will try to find a way out to get a refund from Thai AirwaysThai Airways has been considered to be the most productive airline by its passengers. Most of the time, travelers will have a query regarding the ways to get a refund.

Steps to Get a Refund from Thai Airways:

Here are the points that will be useful to get a Thai Airways refund once the passengers have made their decision to cancel the flight tickets and then claim a refund. There are also situations when airlines have canceled the flight tickets of travelers, and now they want to claim a refund.

  • Visit the website of Thai Airways.
  • Go to the ‘refund link’ option on the home screen of the airline.
  • A form will appear on the screen. Enter the credentials of PNR on the tab to fill out the form with the last name and PNR number of the travelers.
  • Submit the form to the airline, and if it is eligible for the refund, travelers will be credited with the refund.

Other Ways to Get a Refund from Thai Airways

There are some more modes that are helpful for the passengers to claim a refund from Thai Airways. Here are those steps that can be useful for travelers to claim a refund.

Thai Airways Refund Contact Number: The most reasonable and straight step that any passenger can go through is via calling on their official number. To contact Thai Airways for refund, Travelers have to dial the Thai Airways number, which is 1-802-618-8008. The customer service person will attend to the call of passengers and ask about their issues. Tell them about your refund request, and they will provide you few details that will be useful to get a refund.

Thai Airways Email for Refund: The other substitute that is helpful for travelers is Thai Airways email for refund requests. Travelers only have to send an email regarding the request for a refund, for which they have to compose an email on their webmail. Send the mail to the official address of the airline. The request will get accepted by Thai Airways; they will revert the mail with the confirmation of the mail request. After which refund money will get credited to the account of the passengers.

Thai Airways Refund Policy

There are some rules and regulations that travelers have to follow before they proceed to request a refund from the airline. Here is some Thai Airways refund policy that passengers can go through to get a refund from the airline:

  • It is necessary to see if the flight tickets have been canceled by the airline. 
  • For a full and final refund, the tickets of Thai Airways should be canceled within the day of booking.
  • After 24 hours of purchase, if tickets are canceled, there will be no full refund as it will get deducted from the cancelation charges. 
  • The tickets will get refunded by the airline only when the flight tickets are refundable, unused, or unexpired. 
  • The cancelation must be done 24 hours before the departure of the flight tickets. 
  • Once the request has been sent to Thai Airways, they will credit the refund within three to five working days.

How Long Does Thai Airways Take to Refund?

After the travelers who have already requested a refund from Thai Airways will ask when they will I get a refund from Thai Airways, then they have to wait for at least five business days. The airline gives instant service to their passengers. If there is any case when the refund has not been transferred to their accounts, then they can wait for 21 days, and after that can contact the customer service representative of Thai Airways.

How Do I Contact Thai Airways for Refund?

If there is no response regarding the refund credit after passengers have submitted the form to the airline, they are free to reach the customer service executive of the airline. Travelers can call on Thai Airways refund contact number, which is 1-802-618-8008 or +66-2-356-1111, and the live person will attend your call. The passengers can tell them about the issues and tell them to claim a refund for their canceled flight tickets.

Will I Get My Money Back from Thai Airways?

Yes, if the passengers who have submitted their refund form to the airline and are accepted by Thai Airways, they will easily get the money back in the form of a refund on their accounts.

Can I Get Refund with Thai Airways Flight?

Yes, travelers who want a refund for their canceled flight tickets can claim a refund by filling out the Thai Airways refund form. This form is easily available on the official site of Thai Airways.

Can I Cancel My Flight Thai Airways?

Yes, travelers can easily cancel their flight tickets if they have dropped their plan to travel to their planned destination. They can follow the steps to cancel the flight tickets.

Will Thai Airways Refund Cancelled Flights?

Yes, Thai Airways will provide refunds to the travelers for their canceled flight tickets if every step is according to Thai Airways refund policy. If there is clean chit from the side of travelers, the airline will credit the refund to the passengers.

How Can I Cancel Thai Airways Flight and Get a Refund?

There are a lot of queries on how I will get a refund from Thai Airways and about the cancelation process of Thai Airways. They can go through the below-given steps, which are explained down:

  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ section of Thai Airways’ official website.
  • Follow the instructions as asked to do so. Tap on the ‘cancel flight’ tickets section.
  • Detail of the flight tickets will prompt on the screen. Click on the cancel button.
  • Confirm the cancelation and go to the ‘refund link’ section.
  • Next, fill out the application for a refund. Enter the last name of the traveler with the reservation number. 
  • Submit the form to the airline. The refund will be credited to the account of the passengers in the same way they were paid. 

Also, try to take guidance from the customer service representative of Thai Airways for cancelation and refund. 

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