How Do I Contact LOT Airlines?

LOT Polish Airlines proffers a fast and easy online flight booking service on its official website. It is the flag carrier of Poland, and well-known for its excellent in-flight service, pre-flight service, post-flight services and 24/7 customer care. If you need any help with your booking, flight check-in, baggage, or other services, as you can immediately contact LOT Airlines customer service team. It is always there to assist you with all your travel queries perfectly. So, if you don’t know the proper contact details and cannot call LOT Airlines, go through the contact queries asked by the passengers.

How Do I Call LOT Airlines?

There could be complicated situations that many passengers face during booking, flight change and cancelation, lost and found, Transfer in Warsaw, unable to get a refund or voucher etc. If you are one of them and facing the same circumstances, you may dial LOT Polish Airlines phone number at 00 48 22 577 77 55 and discuss your travel queries to get the answer appropriately.

Let’s make a call to LOT Airlines effortlessly:

  • First, dial 00 48 22 577 77 55 and follow the IVR command properly.
  • It instructs you to press 1 to select your preferred language.
  • Press 2 for general travel queries
  • 3 for new and existing bookings
  • Press 4 to change and cancel your booking, and press 5 for a refund or voucher.
  • Press 6 for other services, and press * or # to make a phone call and talk to a real person securely.  

How Much Does It Cost to Call LOT Polish Airlines Customer Service?

A LOT Polish customer representative provides you with complete details related to flights, travel services, when you contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service using a phone call. There are no exact charges for the phone call service, as you can share your general travel concern for free.

What is the Best Time to Call LOT Polish Airlines Customer Service?

Sometimes, when you deny boarding or if your flight is canceled or delayed at least two hours, you would prefer to approach a customer representative over a phone call. You can contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service 24 hours, 7 days, and the best time to call is 10:45 am. You can quickly share your travel concerns like seat selection, flight change, cancellation, deals, and offers, and get complete booking facilities over a phone call.

List of Other Important Phone Numbers of LOT Airlines Customer Service

When you make a phone call from different countries to share your essential travel concern, you can dial LOT Polish Airlines phone number is available to assist you 24 by 7. Hence, if you wish to find out the other significant phone numbers of LOT Airlines customer service, go through the list of phone numbers with different countries below.

  • For Austria, dial +431206092573.
  • For Armenia, dial +48225777755.
  • For Belarus, dial +48225777755.
  • For Belgium, dial +3222007591.
  • For Canada, dial +14162364242.
  • For Finland, dial +358969379036.
  • For Bulgaria, dial +35924916188.
  • For Cyprus, dial +35777788697.
  • For Estonia, dial +3728840899.

Does LOT Airlines Have 24-hour Customer Service?

Yes, you can contact customer service for LOT Airlines 24 hours and ask travel-related queries to get the answer. LOT Polish Airlines will assist you properly with all your travel queries, and for that, you can make a phone call when you feel free. You can discuss travel concerns at LOT Polish Airlines phone number at and get the answer to your queries regarding refunds, last-minute bookings, deals and offers, flight changes and cancellations, and so on.  

How Do I Contact LOT Airlines by Email?

You can use an email service to contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service, which is considerably convenient to send your queries to and wait for the solutions. Let’s get started by contacting LOT Airlines by email.

  • First, navigate the booking website of LOT Airlines and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Go to the contact us section, select the contact mode, and choose an email service.
  • Select the compose section, type your queries and send your questions to the official email, which is's

What Are the Other Ways to Contact LOT Airlines Customer Service?

If you want to share your travel concern with a real person, you can choose other ways to contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service, which can be approachable for the assistance easily.

Use Live chat: This is one of the best method for communication through which you can get an instant help from the representative. You can try live chat service using the steps mentioned below.

  • At first, visit the booking website of LOT Polish Airlines and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Select the contact us section and choose contact mediums and find the live chat service.
  • Click on Continue as a guest, and go through the automated queries on the chat box.
  • It asks you to select the language, and once when you connect with a real person, start chatting with him easily.

Use Contact form: You can get the contact form for different services like booking, invoices, health claims, Loyalty programs, etc. If you don’t know how to get the online forms, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the LOT Airlines booking website, go to the help center, and select the contacts.
  • Select “Go” to the list of forms you need to fill by selecting the queries you find on the form.
  • You can share your concern regarding baggage-related claims, loyalty programs, reservations, changes or refunds, etc.   

Use WhatsApp: You can use the WhatsApp service to contact a customer representative of LOT Polish Airlines. If you want to access WhatsApp service, dial the LOT Airlines phone number at 48788950370. To start the WhatsApp service, you can go to the steps below.

  • First navigate the internet browser of LOT Polish Airlines and go to the contact us section.
  • Select the section of contact us via messenger and WhatsApp and click on WhatsApp tab.
  • Click on continue to chat or you can save the phone number and start chatting with a real person easily.

 Connect on Social Media: You can use Social media service to contact LOT Airlines customer service representative is available to assist you easily. You can use social media service using different resources such as

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • LinkedIn:

How Do I Contact the LOT at Warsaw Airport?

If you want to contact LOT Polish Airlines at Warsaw Airport, you can dial LOT Polish Airlines phone number and properly discuss your queries. You may share your travel related queries, suggestion, and feedback, get the answer from a customer representative team efficiently. The customer service representatives are present 24/7 for the passengers, so that they can easily reach to them and get the assistance, whenever they want.

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