How Do I Choose My Seat on JAL?

Traveling in a flight is preferable, and it becomes more amazing when you travel by sitting on your favorite seat. Japan Airlines (JAL) provides its customers with seat selection facilities. Seats are available for the passengers traveling on different classes like First class, Business class, Premium Economy Class, or Economic class with normal or discount fares for individual passengers.

How to choose the seat on JAL?

Sometimes people want to choose the desired seat on their flight according to their comfort zone but don't know how. In that case you don't have to go anywhere because in this post, you will get the answer "how to choose the seat on JAL”. Following this, you can manage your seat bookings and make your trip more comfortable.

Can I choose a seat on JAL?

Yes, you can select a seat on JAL when booking your flight and afterward. If you had booked your ticket in advance, you would be able to choose your seat. But some airlines charge an additional fee for seat selection. Below mentioned are the steps that will help you know about choosing a seat on JAL.

Process of Choosing a Seat on Japan Airlines

JAL allows its passengers to choose a seat on their flights. For booking your seat in JAL, you can go through the below steps. 

  • Visit the official website of Japan Airlines from your browser.
  • You will come across the "Manage Booking "option on the interface of the JAL
  • Scroll down the page and find the "Seat selection option."
  • After clicking on it, you will be asked for your name, Boarding date, Flight number, and reservation number.
  • Fill up all the information and finally click on the search tab.
  • After clicking on the Search tab, JAL will provide you with the seat map 
  • On the seat map, you can observe the number of available seats 
  • From where you can select a seat of your desire.
  • Only the front rowed seats are available with the paid service as they provide extra legroom
  • Free seats are marked with the ☆ mark on the seat map

Japan Airlines Seat Choose Policy/rules

  • The seat selection process is only available to the passengers traveling on JAL First Class, Business class, Premium economy class, or the economic class.
  • A seat selection facility is also available to the passengers with an award ticket.
  • Because of the limited number of seats, sometimes they will not accommodate your preference.
  • The range of seats chosen on Japan Airlines will be based upon the Fare type, Required mileage (award ticket), and purchase location.
  • Seat selection will not be available when all the advanced seat selections have already been assigned to someone.

Does JAL Charge for Seat Selection?

Seat selection helps the consumers reserve seats of their choice. There are some seats available for free for some time and before departure. That is why people are looking for a JAL charge for the seat selection process.JAL provides both the services free as well as paid. You can check for the seat by clicking the seat number on the website of JAL's reservation details screen. If it's a paid service, it will display "paid seat."

  • The front-row seat, which consists of extra legroom, is available through the paid service.
  • You can search for the free-based seat marked ☆ on the seat map, and they are limited in number.

For any query related to the seat selection process on JAL, you can contact them through the contact details provided on the official website of JAL. You can also clear your doubts via the FAQs sections provided on the website and connect by various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can easily find the process of JAL seat selection by following the above post. If you are still facing a problem, you can contact them with the above contact details mentioned.

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