How Do I Change My Seat on Korean Air?

Korean Air is the flag carrier of South Korea, having the largest fleet size, international destination, and international flights. The airline is known for its impeccable services. If you have made a reservation, you can select your seats and change them anytime with Korean air. So, if you are curious to know how to change my seat on Korean air? Do not worry. We will here educate you and update you in this regard.

Change your seat on Korean Air

If you have your booking with Korean Air, the airline gives you the privilege to change the seat anytime, whether with the purchase or after purchase. So let’s see how you can change your seat in both cases, but before, you must know the eligibility criteria. As per the Korean air seat change policy, the airline allows you to change the seat only if you have Economy or prestige Flex fares for international flights and Economy Flex fare for Korea domestic flights.

Procedure to Change the Seat on Korean Air

You can change your seat by redeeming mileage while you purchase your ticket by following the simple steps below.

  1. The first step is to select your itinerary by selecting purchase and upgrade to view fares eligible for a seat upgrade.
  2. Select your flight and check through the seat upgrade in information while selecting the flight
  3. Enter the details of passengers and check the passenger’s information for a seat upgrade; if a child s traveling alone, do speak to the service center by dialing the Korean air phone number. Now you can clear the payment by using a credit card or through mileage.
  4. Once you follow the steps above, your seat upgrade is completed; you will now receive an e-itinerary via email.

Using the above steps, you can change your sear with purchase anytime. In case you have purchased your ticket already, and you want to change the ticket. You can follow the step below to change it. Make sure you have an Economy and prestige flex fare ticket to avail of this.

  1. The first step is to find your trip; you can visit the find my trip section and enter the details like confirmation number and its name to find your trip.
  2. Now choose the segment in your itinerary and passengers that you want to change.
  3. If you want to use mileages, you can designate mileage and order of use.
  4. Now by following on-screen instructions, you have to complete the process.

Using the above steps, you can change or upgrade your seat anytime. Moreover, you can also speak to the third party directly if you have made your booking via a travel agent.

Can I change my seat after check-in Korean Air?

You might change your seat after Korean check-in air in some situations. To do so, you can visit the My trip sections and locate your itinerary. If you see the change option after check-in, it means you can change your flight. If it’s not available, you can also speak to the Korean air representative to change your seat. Change seat depends on the flight and fare type.

Moreover, the airline can also change your selected seats without any notice, which might happen due to aircraft replacement and circumstances. If you face any issues during the whole process, you can also speak to the Korean support team using the Korean Air contact number.  If you have a third-party booking, you can also speak to your travel agent to change your seat after checking in most of the time. In the case of passengers with reduced mobility, they can reserve dedicated seats without paying extra. 

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