How Do I Change a Name on Vueling Airlines?

Are you pondering over how to change a name on Vueling airlines? Look no further, here is everything that you need to know as far as name changes for your Vueling flight bookings are concerned. Read furthermore to get the complete and detailed information about the Vueling name change policy, process and fees.

Simple Steps to Change a Name on Vueling:

People can make simple omissions and spelling errors while booking flights. In this case, passengers can easily change their names on Vueling flight bookings online via the official website. The step-by-step guide to change a name on Vueling Airlines is as follows: 

  • First and foremost, passengers need to open the official Vueling website in order to continue with the desired name change for their flight booking at Vueling airlines. 
  • Select the My Trips option on the main page and then opt for the ‘Manage booking’ option. 
  • Next, access the flight booking by entering the required information on the page such as your booking reference number and your last name.
  • Submit the details and select the flight reservation on the next page. Hit the change flight option and users can find another list of options for changes with their flight booking. 
  • opt for a name change for your booking from a drop-down list. 
  • Passengers need to pay the change fee in order to complete flight changes for their booking with Vueling airlines. 
  • People will receive a new booking reference or PNR after the changes are processed successfully. Save this for later. 

Vueling Airlines Name Change Policy

Passengers can go through the inclusions of the name change policy released by the airline to truly understand the terms and conditions associated with changing names after the reservations are made. The Vueling airlines name change policy helps individuals make better decisions as far as changes to the Vueling flights are concerned. Some of the key points of Vueling's name change policy are as under:

  • It is possible for free if you are making the changes within 24 hours of the purchase time. After 24 hours, you have to pay 50EUR per passenger each way.
  • It is free of charge if you want to correct your spelling, Gender, Sex, Surname, etc.
  • The name change is only available for the ticket holder if he/she does not take any flight in the booking.
  • People can go ahead with a Vueling name change for their flights up to 2 hours from the scheduled departure of the concerned flight. 

Travelers have to pay a Vueling change fee which is non-negotiable and applies to the name change for your flight reservation after the passage of 24 hours of initial booking at Vueling. 

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Name on a Vueling Flight?

Passengers tend to pay extra charges for changing their names on the Vueling reservation. The cost to change a name on a Vueling flight is 50 EUR per passenger/one way. The fare difference is also applicable in the case of a name change at Vueling.

How Do I Change My Passenger Details on Vueling?

Sometimes you misspell your details or make mistakes while booking a flight ticket and for this Vueling offers you to change your details via some procedures. If you are wandering how to change my passenger details on Vueling then go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit their official website and select the My Trips option from the homepage.
  • Now click the Vueling manage booking option.
  • Now fill out the details of your booking id and last name.
  • Now click submit and select the flight reservation
  • Select the edit or change option 
  • Customers have to pay a change fee to make changes.
  • You will receive a new booking reference number after the changes are processed successfully.

Note: Passengers can either resolve their flight-related issues through the Vueling manage my booking section provided by the airline or they can communicate with the customer support representatives at Vueling for help and assistance. A plethora of ways is available to connect with the support department at Vueling to get help with flight changes. For instance, people can reach out to a live person at Vueling for an online name change facility. Also, communication options are available round the clock to get optimum support with Vueling reservations.

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