How Do I Cancel Singapore Airlines Flight?

If you have booked a flight with Singapore Airlines and now wish to cancel it all of a sudden because of a necessary issue. Then, you should refer to the steps written below to cancel Singapore Airlines flight. It is very handy to cancel your Singapore Airlines flight. All you have to make sure of is to follow the steps as they are written below: 

Steps to Cancel Singapore Airlines Flight:

  • The very first step is to visit the official website of Singapore Airlines. 
  • On the homepage would be the option of “Manage Booking.” Click on the tab and fill in the necessary information like your last name and your booking reference id. 
  • Once you have your flight details open, then you will find the option of “cancel booking” alongside your flight details. 
  • Click on the cancel booking tab and then make the payment if required. 
  • And, this will simply complete the cancelation process from your side. 
  • Wait for the confirmation mail to come into your registered mail inbox, as this will confirm your flight cancelation. 

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before you cancel a Singapore Airlines then you should always be aware of the terms and conditions regarding the cancelation with the airline, often known as the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. The rules are a must-know by all the passengers. Refer to the keynotes of the policy written below:

  • The cancelation policy allows the passengers to cancel the flight through the official website, by calling Singapore airlines, or by visiting the nearby airport. 
  • If you apply for the cancelation within the first 24 hours of applying for the refund then you are not supposed to pay the cancelation charges. 
  • Then, if you cancel your flight after 24 hours then you will have to complete the cancelation charges. 
  • Now, as per the Singapore airlines cancellation policy, the cancelation charges are depended on the route, your travel destination, your fare type, your cabin/class, and the type of ticket you have booked. 
  • If any passenger has booked the ticket through a travel agency or a travel agent they should simply ask them to assist the passenger. And, help resolve queries for them. 

Singapore Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

The Singapore Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy states that if a passenger cancels the flight within the first 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket then they are not supposed to pay the cancelation charges for canceling their flight ticket. This time frame which is why is known as the risk-free period for Singapore Airlines. 

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel a Flight Singapore Airlines?

If you are wondering about the cost to cancel a flight Singapore Airlines then it differs from flight to flight. The criteria which affect the cancelation cost are your route, your travel destination, the fare type you have booked, your cabin/ class, and all the other factors like the same.

Can I Get Refund if I Cancel My Singapore Airlines Flight?

If you have to cancel Singapore Airlines flight and are wondering whether you will get a refund or not then worry no more! The Singapore airline provides your refund to you in any circumstances but the way you will get your refund depends on the type of ticket you have booked. If you have a refundable ticket, then you will get a complete refund. If it is a non-refundable ticket then you will get the travel credit. 

How Can I Get a Refund from Singapore Airlines?

If you are wondering, “How to apply for a refund if I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight?” Then, you should not question this anymore as the steps of the process for applying refund are mentioned below.

Simple Steps to Get a Refund from Singapore Airlines:

  • The primary step is to visit the official website of Singapore Airlines. 
  • On the homepage, you will find the “contact” option to direct yourself to the contact page of the airlines. 
  • Once you are on the contact page of the airline you will find the customer forms. 
  • The customer forms will have various different customer forms. And amongst them, one would be a refund form. 
  • Fill in the refund form in a descriptive manner and send the form to the airline. 
  • Wait for the airline to process your refund request and transfer your refund to your account. 

Therefore, these are the necessary steps to get a refund from Singapore Airline through the official website. You can also apply for a refund by calling the customer services team of the Singapore Airlines on 1-802-618-8008 or by visiting the nearby airport.

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