How Do I Cancel a TAP Air Portugal Flight?

TAP Portugal is a state-owned flag carrier airline of Portugal that provides its customers with the best domestic and international flights. TAP Air Portugal Flights is one of the most reliable airline services. The airlines even allow the customer to cancel a TAP Air Portugal flight in case of any emergency or unavoidable circumstances. The airlines have various rules, regulations, and policies to ease the cancellation process and provide their passengers with the required information before the cancellation. A simple process is required to be followed to cancel the flight.

Can you Cancel a TAP Air Portugal Flight?

Yes, you can cancel the flight ticket booked with TAP Air Portugal by visiting the airline's official website or calling on the help center number provided by the airline. You can also send an email on the official mail of the airlines and request the cancellation of their flight ticket. However, as per TAP Air Portugal cancellation policy, you cannot proceed with the cancellation after the departure of your scheduled flight. Once the flight departs from the airport, it will be considered a no-show.

How to Cancel a TAP Air Portugal Flight?

As mentioned above, you can cancel your flight ticket with TAP Air Portugal online and offline. The airline gives you both options and will provide the necessary assistance. The steps and ways to cancel the flight ticket with TAP Air Portugal are as follows:

Online Through Website:

  • Get into the official website of TAP Air Portugal and click on 'My Trips.'
  • Fill out the ticket or reservation number and the last name of the passengers and proceed further by clicking on 'Find My Booking.'
  • After getting redirected to the page, choose your flight and get onto the cancellation option. 
  • Choose the reason for the cancellation and provide the necessary documents, if required.
  • Follow the on-screen process to complete the payment process, if applicable, and complete the cancellation process.

Offline Mode:

  • You can proceed with the cancellation process by going to the airport if you have made the reservation in the same mode.
  • You can also proceed with the cancellation by calling the customer service number to complete the process of cancelation for you.
  • If the travel agent made the reservation of the flight ticket, then you have to ask the agent to cancel a TAP Air Portugal flight, as you'll not be allowed to do it online.

TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Policy

It is advised for you to get to know about the cancellation policy of TAP Air Portugal before proceeding with the cancellation of your flight ticket.

  • If the cancellation was made due to any medical emergency or the death of a close relative, in that case, the passengers will be liable to get the full refund on cancellation.
  • As per the TAP Air Portugal cancellation policy, the Cancellation charges may vary from $100-$400 depending upon the time of the cancellation and the ticket type.
  • The booking that comes under the category of a refundable ticket will be liable to get a refund. The non-refundable ticket will get future travel credit for the cancellation.
  • The refund will be credited to the customer through the original mode of payment after deducting the cancellation charges.

TAP Air Portugal 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

A list of exceptions is provided to the TAP Air Portugal 24-hour cancellation policy passengers. The passengers get immune from paying the cancellation charges as per the policy.

  • If the flight ticket cancellation was made within 24 hours of the scheduled flight booking, in that case, the passengers could cancel without paying any additional charges. Provided the reservation was made seven days before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • If the cancellation were made after 24 hours, in that case, the passengers would be liable to pay the charges for the cancellation.

How Much Is the Cancellation Fee for Tap Air Portugal?

The airline's charges for the cancellation of the flight ticket are subject to the rules mentioned in the cancellation policy of the airlines. However, the TAP Air Portugal cancellation fee will be from $100-$400 depending upon the type of booking and the time of the flight ticket cancellation. After deducting the cancellation charges, the remaining amount of the ticket will get credited back to you through the prescribed mode of payment.

How Do I Get My Money Back from TAP Portugal?

The other question that arises once the process of cancellation is completed is how to get money back from TAP Portugal after paying the cancellation charges (if applicable). Once the process of cancellation is completed, the passengers are advised to fill out the refund form given on the website for the airline. If the passengers make the refund request through Contact Center or Sales Desk, they have to pay the additional charges of $50 for making the refund request.

Does TAP Portugal Charge for No-Show?

TAP Air doesn't charge anything to the passengers for no show, and they will simply miss the flight and will not be liable to request the cancellation or refund of their flight ticket. There is a penalty for no show when you don't board the flight after completing the check-in process.

What Happens If TAP Portugal Cancels My Flight?

If there is a significant delay of more than 3 hours in your scheduled flight and you ask the airlines to cancel my TAP Air Portugal flight, in that case, the airlines will be liable to give you the full refund on the cancellation. And if the flight ticket is canceled by the airlines with prior notice, in that case, you'll be liable to get a full refund on cancellation. If the airlines cancel your flight ticket without any prior notice, in that case, the airlines have to book you an alternative flight without any charges.

Can You Get a Refund on TAP Portugal?

Yes, by dialing 1 802-618-8008 you can get a refund. In the case of a refundable ticket, you'll get the refund on the cancellation of your flight before the scheduled departure of your flight ticket, after deduction of the cancellation charges. Non-refundable tickets will get future travel points.

Can I Get a Full Refund If I Cancel My TAP Air Portugal Flight?

In most cases, the answer to this question is in the affirmative. The airlines allow a refund on canceling the non-refundable ticket before the flight's scheduled departure. If you cancel a TAP Air Portugal flight as per the policy given for the cancellation, in those cases, you'll be liable to get a refund of the flight ticket.

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