How Can I Speak with Ryanair?

Ryanair is headquartered in Ireland, with its primary base at Dublin and London Stansted Airport. With Ryanair, you can enjoy flight tickets at a price that is exceptional and affordable to everyone. There are multiple ways to speak with Ryanair customer service and get in touch with the airline to get the solution to your query. You may require help with a reservation, want to claim a refund, make a complaint or give a compliment easily. If you read further along, you can learn more about the Ryanair phone number and the other ways that can be used to connect with the airline. 

How Can I Speak with Ryanair Customer Service?

Calling is considered as one of the best way to reach the customer service, through which passengers can directly speak with the representative and get an instant solution. You can speak with customer service by calling the Ryanair phone number +353 15825932. Once you dial the number, you have to follow the IVR instructions given below. 

  • You have to press 1 to manage a reservation.
  • For issues related to baggage, press 2.
  • If you want to request a refund, press 3.
  • Press 4 to get updates on new deals and discounts.
  • Speak with Ryanair agent by pressing 9.
  • If the query is related to a reservation, you have to give the booking reference number and the passenger's last name to get the best possible service.
  • If you want to make a reservation, you have to give the details like your name, number, email address, flight requirements like the number of passengers, type of trip, and the origin and destination along with the dates.

What is the Best Time to Call Ryanair?

The best time to call the Ryanair customer service phone number is during the opening hours of the call lines or when the phone lines close. You may be able to skip being on hold in case the number is busy. If the call is made from other networks, you may be charged more. Customers can even choose to call on Tuesdays as on this day as there are generally fewer reservations which lead to fewer cancellations and fewer calls. You will connect faster with a representative.

Does Ryanair Charge for Calls?

No, Ryanair does not charge for calls. However, since the Ryanair customer service phone number is not toll-free, you may be charged a fee for the call as per the local call rates. 

It is better to keep the relevant documents handy so that the required details can be given to the agent easily and you take less time on the call.

Other Important Phone Numbers of Ryanair Customer Service

  • To request Special assistance: +35312555213
  • For a new booking/general queries: +353 15825932
  • If you are flying with Ryanair and need help at an airport, you can connect with the airport by accessing the link to the important numbers using the official website. You can search for a number using the search box.

Is Ryanair Customer Service Available 24/7?

Yes, Ryanair customer service is available 24/7. But if you want to connect via phone call or live chat, you have to connect during operational hours when the agents will be available. The operational hours for the call lines are 9 AM-7 PM CET from Mon - Fri; on Saturdays, it is 09:00 - 18:00 CET, and on Sundays, it is 10:00 - 18:00 CET. Depending on the method used to speak with Ryanair customer service team, the response time may be quicker or it may be delayed. 

Does Ryanair Have a Live Chat?

Yes, Ryanair does have a live chat. You can get a quick response to your query from the agent, and it is a convenient way to get help if you need flight information, you want to check the status of your flight, inquire about baggage, or request special services. The time when you can connect with a representative is given below.

  • Monday to Friday 07:00 - 22:00 CET
  • Saturday 09:00 -19:00 CET
  • Sunday 10:00 - 19:00 CET

How to send an email to Ryanair?

You can send an email to Ryanair by using the address Write down the query you have in detail, along with your contact number, and you will get a response within 3 - 5 days with the best possible solution.

Another way to connect with the airline is by sending a letter to the address given below. You will get the reply as soon as the airline receives the letter. To send a letter, you can use this address: Ryanair Customer Service Department, PO Box 11451, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Does Ryanair Have a Phone App?

Yes, Ryanair does have a phone app. You can contact the airline through the phone app by following the steps below.

  • You have to download the app from Google playlist on your mobile.
  • Open the app and click "contact us."
  • You will get access to various methods to connect with the airline.
  • You can either make a call or fill out a form to make a complaint.
  • The time to respond to your query may take a long time, or it may be less, depending on the mode you choose.

What Are the Other Ways to Contact Ryanair Customer Service?

Other ways to contact Ryanair customer service are by using social media or the contact form. You may learn about the process by reading further ahead.

Social media: Social media platforms can be used rather than calling the Ryanair customer service phone number to connect with customer service easily. You have to follow the airline on its page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Send a message to get a quick reply.

Contact form: Customers can fill out a form to connect with Ryanair, and rather than using the Ryanair customer service number, the form can be used to make a complaint or give suggestions. To submit the form, you have to visit the official website and follow the steps below.

  • Open the homepage and click "Contact Us"
  • Select the tab "Make a complaint" and then choose the relevant topic.
  • You have to then select the reason for contacting the airline and complete the form.
  • Fill in your name, number, and email address along with your query and click "submit." You may attach files that may help in getting to the best possible solution.
  • You will get a reply within 3 - 5 days.

How Do I Request Airport Assistance with Ryanair?

You can request airport assistance with Ryanair when you are booking the flight, or you may pre-book the service on the Ryanair website 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. You must keep the points below in mind.

  • If you do not have 48 hours in hand, you can speak with Ryanair customer service agent or connect with the special assistance team at Ryanair to make the request, given there are at least 12 hours left for the departure.
  • It is good to give notice that you require special assistance at least 48 hours prior to the departure to avoid any hassles at the airport, as late notice may lead to a disruption of your plans.
  • If you have pre-booked special assistance at the airport, you should be at the special assistance desk at least 2 hours prior to the departure.
  • You can request special assistance by visiting the official website and selecting "My Bookings." You will get the option "Request special assistance," which can be used.

How Do You Get a Response from Ryanair?

You can get a response from Ryan Air by speaking to a customer service agent using Ryanair phone number or any other channel of communication offered by the airline. The response time may vary, but the agents are highly efficient and qualified to provide the solution to your query. The information above is useful if you want to get a response. 

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