How Can I Get Through to ANA Airlines?

You can get through to ANA airlines through offline or online mode. The offline mode includes a phone call option to let you talk to the customer service executive, and the online method includes mail, live chat, etc. Both ways will connect you with the executive with whom you can resolve your query. You can apply any of the contact modes to contact the airline personnel because these are available 24 hours and seven days. You can go through the below-mentioned information that will clear all your doubts regarding the airline. 

How Do I Get Through to ANA Airlines?

You can get through to ANA airline with the help of a toll-free number that is available in different regions. The ANA phone number 1 (800) 235-9262 has a language option by which you can talk in your preferred language with the customer service executive. The phone call option is safe and secure, as all calls are recorded for verification and inspection.

First dial the ANA customer service number 1 (800) 235-9262. Then follow the IVR instructions carefully and press button according to your query. 

  • Press 1 for flight status 
  • Press 2 to manage your booking 
  • Press 3 for baggage related queries
  • Press 4 for cancellation or refund related queries
  • Press 9 to speak with a ANA representative 

How Much Does ANA Airlines Charge to Call?

The ANA airlines number is available during business hours, from 9:00 to 18:00, which is available year-round. If you make a call from a region other than the US,, it costs you a fixed rate, including service charges. In general, the airline charges around 40 $ and it may vary. 

Contact ANA from Other Countries | Customer Service 24/7

You can get through to ANA Airlines through different countries because airlines provide different numbers according to your region. You can go through the below-written list of essential numbers.

  • Germany: 08007243798
  • Singapore: 0120 -029377
  • Thailand: 1800 011 254
  • US: 1800 235 9262 ( if it is outside US 13107823011)
  • Indonesia: 001 -803-008-1366

Other Ways to Contact ANA Airlines Customer Service

If you need help connecting with the customer service through the phone, the airline provides other ways to contact ANA airlines customer service. The customer service will give you proper guidance so that you can finish your task without any expert guidance. The methods mentioned below will help you at every moment and provide you with a suitable solution to your question. 

Through Live Chat: The chat service will provide you with a chat box in which you can text your query to the online chat assistant, who will provide you with an immediate response in the chat panel. The chat service is feasible and quick because you can start a conversation with just one click.

  • You can visit the ANA official site.
  • Then tap on the contact us tab and click on it.
  • After clicking, select the chat with us option.
  • The chat box will appear on the page, and in that, start a conversation with customer service.

Through Email: The mail option is quite convenient to use to send mail related to your query to airline customer service staff. After receiving your mail, the ANA customer service will contact you back on your registered details regarding your query. You will get an official email address from the airline with which you can attach the supportive documents so that the airline can provide you with the best possible solution after verifying the document.   

  • You can open the ANA official page.
  • Then click on the mail us option in the contact us section.
  • After that, the page will show a mailbox on the screen; write your query and email address to send it to the customer service team. 

Through Social Media: The social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, hold millions of users worldwide to form a community that participates in every type of discussion and provides the latest information about ANA airline. 

  • Twitter- 
  • Facebook- 
  • Instagram-

What Is the Contact Number for ANA UK?

The ANA airlines phone number for the UK is 13107823011, which will connect you with the airline authority to whom you can provide your details so that it is easier for the live person to find the best possible answer to your issue. To contact ANA from UK, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You can contact ANA from the UK. It can be done if you go to the contact us section of the airline site. Then on the contact page, click on the phone icon.
  • After that, enter your region in the blank, such as country (UK), and click on search. 
  • The page will show you the contact details, such as the toll-free number 13107823011, according to your entered region.

 Finally, dial the given number and get connected with the airline executive.

call-gif +1-802-618-8008