How Can I Get in Touch with Qatar in UK?

Qatar Airways is a highly successful commercial airline. Suppose you are planning to travel with them and require assistance regarding the services Qatar Airways offers. Then you can contact their well-trained agents and ask for help through various platforms. There are multiple ways to get Qatar Airways, but the best and most preferred way is by phone call to Qatar Airways phone number. Passengers can also consider using other methods, such as live chat, WhatsApp, contact/ feedback form, email, or social media platforms.

Different Ways to Get in Touch with Qatar in UK

Qatar Airways provides various options to contact their customer service executives. So, if you want to get in touch with Qatar in the UK, then try calling their executives. Contacting the executives via phone call is the best and fastest way to get immediate assistance. However, you can try other contact options also, which includes live chat, social media, Email, contact forms, and other. Some of them have been elaborated on in the following pointer.

  • Passengers can call +44 330 912 7415 to reach the customer service executives of Qatar Airways and follow the IVR instructions; press the right key to talk to an executive.
  • The chat box for live chat is also available on the website of Qatar Airways on the Help page.
  • On the Help page, passengers can select their query from the given list and fill out the contact request form for that particular query. The executives will reach within 24 hours.
  • The executives of Qatar Airways are also available on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Passengers can directly message the executives using any of the social media platforms.

How Can I Call Qatar from the UK for Free?

Every day a large number of people travel with Qatar Airways from the UK and require assistance whenever they come across a problem. If you need to get in touch with Qatar in the UK for free, then make sure to follow the steps.

  • Dial Qatar Airways UK phone number +44 330 912 7415
  • Choose the language and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press the right key to connect with an executive.
  • Wait till the call gets connected.
  • Once the call gets connected, talk to the executive, and they will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

What is the Best Time to Call Qatar?

The customer service team of Qatar Airways is available 24 hours and seven days a week. The passengers can contact them anytime, according to their preference. However, there are chances that you might face a long hold/wait time due to heavy call traffic. So, the best time to call Qatar Airways customer service executives is either in the early morning or late night, mostly between 8 am - 9 am and 10 pm - 11 pm. Only a few people call during these hours, and there is a high chance of getting connected with the executives instantly.

How Much Does Qatar Charge for a Call?

Passengers prefer to contact Qatar Airways customer service via phone call. But one thing that every passenger should keep in mind before calling Qatar Airways is that not all the contact numbers are toll-free. There will be some international call charges if you are not calling a toll-free number. Qatar Airways generally doesn't charge for making a call; however, a service tax of $25 for bookings and changing the flight ticket through a phone call. 

Other Important Phone Numbers of Qatar Airways Customer Service

Qatar Airways has different contact numbers for every country. All the Qatar Airways phone numbers are available on the official website of Qatar, on the contact page. Some of the contact numbers are listed below:

  • United States: +1 877 777 2827
  • The United Kingdom: +44 330 912 7415
  • United Arab Emirates: +971 600521473
  • Canada: +1 888 366 5666
  • Australia: +61 283201015
  • Brazil: +5511 51080474
  • Saudi Arabia: 800 8501190
  • Spain: 900807681

Does Qatar Airways Provide 24/7 Customer Service?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides 24/7 customer service to all of its passengers. The executives can be reached at any time through the Qatar Airways customer service number, available on their website. The members of Privilege Plus members get additional benefits, such as priority access to contact the customer service team, instant response, etc. The active office hours of Qatar Airways are mentioned along with the contact numbers, so make sure to check that because, in some countries, 24/7 customer service is not available.

Does Qatar Airways Respond to WhatsApp?

Yes, Qatar Airways responds to their passengers' queries through WhatsApp. Customer service can handle queries related to flight booking, cancellation, seat selection, booking status, etc. So, the passengers can contact the customer service professionals regarding the queries mentioned above. The services offered over WhatsApp are limited, and Qatar Airways is trying to expand the range of WhatsApp services in the future. But you can still contact Qatar using WhatsApp and get your general queries resolved within a few seconds.

What is the WhatsApp Number for Qatar?

Qatar Airways understands its passengers' needs, and they provide contact services through WhatsApp as well. Qatar Airways phone number for WhatsApp is mentioned on the Contact Us page, you can save this number and start chatting, or you can use the QR code, scan it, and chat with Qatar Airways executives.

  • Go to the website of Qatar Airways.
  • Look for Help and click on it.
  • Then, click on Log in.
  • Fill in your login details, and on the chat option, select WhatsApp Chabot.
  • Then scan the QR code and engage in chatting through WhatsApp.

What is the Chat Function on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is a reputed airline, and they are known for their world-class customer service. They provide various contact services to their passengers; one of the most widely used methods after calling on Qatar Airways contact number is the chat service. Passengers can chat with the agents of Qatar Airways through the chat box. The steps to locate the chat box are as follows: 

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways using a trusted browser.
  • Click on Help, and on the following page, click on Log in to chat with an agent.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • The chat box will pop up, and start chatting.

How Do I Contact Qatar Airways by Email?

If you are looking to contact Qatar Airways regarding your queries, then you can send an email to And all US passengers can send an Email to It is necessary to provide all of your travel and personal details along with important attachments. The airways will revert only after verifying your personal and travel details. The estimated response time over Email is around 24 to 48 hours.

How Do I Contact Qatar Airways Saudi Arabia?

Qatar Airways provides flight services to almost every part of the world. Suppose you want to contact Qatar Airways from Saudi Arabia regarding any of the services provided by the airline. Then, you should contact the customer service officials through Qatar Airways phone number. The contact number of the customer service team for Saudi Arabia is 800 8501190. You can call the executives at this number and follow the IVR steps.

  • Press 1 to book a new flight.
  • Press 2 to view the existing booking.
  • Press 5 for a refund request.
  • Press 0 for other queries.
  • Press # to connect with a Qatar Airways representative.
  • Press * to return to the main menu.
  • Press the right key and get your required assistance.

All of the above-mentioned details have been taken from the official website of Qatar Airways. If you want to contact Qatar Airways through any other method, then go through the website of Qatar Airways thoroughly to locate Qatar Airways phone number. Please remember that all the airlines update their terms, conditions, and contact process, so for the latest information, definitely check the website of Qatar Airways.

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