How Can I Get in Touch with Korean Air from Malaysia?

In case of queries and doubts related to Korean Air ticket booking passengers can connect with the Korean Air customer service department. There are various modes to get in touch with someone at Korean Air from Malaysia. A passanger can ask doubts related to reservations, cancellations, baggage, refunds, seat selection, etc.

How to contact Korean Air customer service from Malaysia? 

To connect with the Korean Air customer service department from Malaysia, A traveler must stick to the ways mentioned below:

Contact Korean Air through Phone number

  • Travelers can contact the customer service department using the helpline number to get help and assistance with their flight booking. 
  • Travelers can connect with the customer service executives by dialing +60-3-2030-0200Calling on this number will connect you with the customer service executives at Korean air if you are calling from Malaysia as this is the Korean Air Malaysia contact number. 
  • Travelers can connect with the customer service representatives to discuss their doubts and issues related to Korean air reservations. 
  • Travelers can get in touch with Korean Air from Malaysia to get help with reservations, refunds, cancellations, seat selection, baggage, and changes to their flight, special requirements, etc.

Contact Korean Air through Email Address

  • Travelers need to connect with the customer service team to get support with their flight bookings. Apart from calling on the Korean Air Malaysia phone numbertravelers can write an email to Korean Air to get optimum resolutions related to their issues and problems. 
  • The customer service professional will get back to you at the earliest. The maximum time taken by the customer service professional is 48 hours. 
  • Compose an email and include your doubts and queries. Hit the send option to seek help from the customer service support professionals. 

Contact Korean Air through Live Chat Option

  • Travelers can connect with a virtual agent using the live chat option available on the official website of Korean air. Open your web browser and navigate to the official Korean air website. Select the contact us option to get access to the contact options available to communicate with the customer service department.
  • Select the live chat option and initiate a live chat to connect with a live person. Live chat is an instant option to get help and assistance with your flight reservation.
  • Initiate a live chat by posting your query in the designated field. A live person will connect with you to address your issues and complications.

Contact Korean Air through FAQs Section

The FAQs section on the official website allows individuals a scope to get answers to questions. Travelers need to visit the official website to access the FAQs section. Select the FAQs option and follow the steps mentioned down under: 

  • Select category from the drop-down list. 
  • Select the subjects from the drop-down list as well. 
  • Hit the search option. Results will be displayed on another page. 

Travelers can run searches using a keyword. Enter the keyword in the designated field and select the search option. 

Contact Korean Air through Social Media

The Korean Air Malaysia customer service is easily reachable online. The travelers can reach the customer service department via a social media account. Reach the customer service team on Facebook or Twitter. Travelers can reach the customer service team using social media handles.

Travelers can leave their feedback and requests online on the social media platform to connect with a designated department to contact Korean Air from Malaysia. 

Contact Korean Air through the Reservations Department

Travelers can connect with the reservations department to get help with Korean air reservations. Travelers can connect with the customer service team for reservation-related queries. You can also get quotes over an email by contacting the reservations team at Korean air.

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