How Can I Email JAL?

JAL is a short form of Japan airlines, which is a flag carrier of Japan. The airline is known for its impeccable service whether it is on-board or at airport. The airline also provides several options to its users to share their experience, feedback and get in touch with JAL customer service when required. Here we have come up with all those options that you can use to connect the airline.

Let get into details and understand about the procedure of sending email to the JAL airlines.

How to send an email to the JAL?

If you have to inquire, comment or complaint about JAL services, you can follow the steps below to send an email to Japan airlines customer support.

  • At first go to the official website of JAL
  • There click on the contact us like under support section at bottom
  • You can now locate the email section, with two further options
  • If you are a JMB member, you can click on the contact us link under this section, and following the instruction on screen you can send your comment via email
  • If you are a Non-JMB member, you can use the contact us link under this section and filling the form online you can get in touch with the airline
  • The JAL team will review your request and reply you via email ASAP.

So using information above you can contact JAL via email anytime. If you need an instant replay you can also connect with JAL representative via phone number or via live chat.

Some other ways to contact JAL

Here you can find all the options to interact with JAL representative. You can use any of these by visiting the customer support page of Japan airline on its official website.

Phone Call: You can call the airline using JAL airline customer service number. The JAL team is there for you to solve all your queries.

Social Media: You can contact Japan airlines also via social media platforms. All you have to do is follow the social media link of Japan airlines and there you can post your query and also send a direct message to the airlines.

Mailing Address: Using mailing address you can send any document to the airline. The airline will revert you one they get your mail.

Get in touch with JAL via Phone Call

You can use steps below to contact JAL directly anytime through phone call and get an instant reply

  1. To contact with JAL airline via call, you can follow the instructions given below.
  2. Go to the customer support of JAL
  3. There you can locate the JAL offices address along with phone number of your country
  4. Dial the number on your mobile, and press the button to choose your language

You can now follow the further phone menu instructions’ below to contact the JAL agent

  • Press 8 for optional services request and general information
  • Press 1 for ticket purchase and reservation
  • Press 2 for Award ticket and mileage upgrade reservation
  • Press 3 for JAL mileage bank services
  • Press 7 to speak to the travel agent

You can use the above process to contact the airline using Japan airlines phone number anytime. Apart from that if waiting time is too high you can also go for other options stated above to contact the airline.

call-gif +1-802-618-8008