How Can I Check My Booking in JAL?

Japan Airlines or JAL is one of the most customer-friendly airlines that provide various facilities to the customers. If you have made your booking with Japan Airlines, you can get all the information on the airline's official website. If you are willing to check your booking information, you have landed on the right page. Here, you can find how I can check my booking in JAL. Let's check different methods to check your flight details.

How to Check My Booking with Japan Airlines?

You can check the flight details using different methods on Japan Airlines. You can follow the instructions below that will help you be assured of your booking.

On the official website

  • You have to open the official website of Japan Airlines first.
  • Click on the Manage Booking option at the top menu of the JAL homepage.
  • Now choose the Manage Flight Booking option to see the booking details.
  • You have to enter your flight number, full name, and boarding date in the given space.
  • Next, add the Reservation number you received in your email and click on the Booking Details button.

You will find all the booking information on your screen that you can check and edit as well. If you don't know the reservation number or could not find it, you can check the next segment of this article.

What Is the Reservation Number JAL, and Where to Find It?

A reservation number is a unique number used to identify a passenger's booking. If you open your e-ticket itinerary, you will find the JAL reservation number under the Reference section. The Reference section is located on the right side of the flight booking page. Also, the airline sends you an email after the confirmation of booking where the reservation number is provided.

You can use the number when checking the booking details on the official website of Japan Airlines. If you can't find the booking details on the website, below are the alternate ways to check your booking.

Other Methods to Check Booking in Japan Airlines

At the time of Check-in: You have to open the homepage of JAL to see the Check-In option. Click on the check-in button and open the View Itinerary Details link. You will find booking details for your current flight. If you want to make any changes, click on the Edit option.

On the Flight status option: If you are unaware of the booking details of your flight, you can choose the Flight Status option to check the ticket details. You have to click on the Departure and Arrival link and follow the onscreen instructions. Next, enter the reservation number and boarding date to see the Japan Airlines booking status. You will find the flight status on your screen, where you can also view the booking information.

From the email: Once you book a ticket with Japan Airlines, you get the confirmation email at the given email address. You can open the mail and visit the link to check the booking information. You can also download a pdf file of your e-ticket to know the booking details.

So, these are the other methods by which you can check the booking details of Japan Airlines. If you are a JMB member of Japan Airlines, you can directly log in to your account and check the required information. However, if you still wonder how to check my booking in JAL, you can contact the airline's customer service on the JAL reservation number. You have to provide the required booking information and request the ticket details from the JAL customer representative.

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