How Can I Change a Flight on TAP Portugal?

Suppose there is a medical emergency at your home and you have to change flights on the airline. If you want to change a flight on TAP Portugal, you can change your flight by contacting the airline, or you can do it online. When you use these ways, you will be able to change your flight. To use these ways, you should have good network access to contact the airline, and you can change your flight easily.

Can I Change a Flight on TAP Portugal?

Yes, you can change TAP Portugal flight by contacting the customer service department, or you can do it online. If you want to change a TAP Portugal flight by online, you have to follow the steps:

Easy Steps to Change a TAP Portugal Flight:

  • Visit the official website of TAP Portugal or dial 1-802-618-8008
  • Click on the My bookings option.
  • Enter the six-digit reference number you got when you made the booking. When you enter your six- digit reference number, you have to click on the continue option.
  • There will be an option of changing flight, changing flight date, cancel the flight. You can select the change flight option.
  • When you click on the change flight option now, the new form will appear on your website page. 
  • Now, enter the new travel date and timings.
  • After that, you will now get the change fee amount that you have to pay. Now, click on the payment option.
  • Pay the fare amount then you will get a confirmation on your registered email and a text on your registered mail.

TAP Portugal Flight Change Policy

To change a flight on TAP Portugal, you should know about the TAP Portugal flight change policy first.

  • The flight dates can be changed on TAP Portugal, and routes will not change.
  • You can change it free when you change the flight tickets you have booked between December to June 2022. 
  • If the airline changes your flight date and timing, the airline will give you a 10% discount when you book your new flight. 
  • The flight change policy of TAP Portugal is different for the restricted and non-restricted fares.
  • If you made the request for a flight change within 21 days of departure, you have to pay the fare difference.
  • If the passengers change their flight ticket within 24 hours after purchasing, they don’t have to pay any fee. 
  • If you want to make any changes within 61 days of departure, you don’t have to pay any fee. 
  • You can make the changes on the flight, and if you purchase the ticket within 1 week, you can do it free.
  • If you change your flight at the last moment, you have to pay the charges.
  • If there is a medical emergency or health issue, you can change your flight at free of cost. 
  • When the passenger made their booking at the time of the pandemic, and now they have to change their flight ticket, they can change it, but they have to pay a reduced amount of change fee.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight on TAP Portugal?

If you want to change TAP Portugal flight, dial +1-802-618-8008 but remember, you have to pay the change fee as well. The TAP Portugal flight change fee is $250 per person. This fee is not fixed; it depends on when you are changing the flight, seat type, destination, and departure airport. 

Can I Change a TAP Portugal Flight I Already Booked?

If you are wondering about “can I change a TAP Portugal flight I already booked,” the answer is yes, you can. When you change the flight, you have to pay the change fee. After that, you can change or reschedule your flight. If you book the flight in COVID, and now you have to change your flight, the change fee amount will be less comparatively than it was on normal days.

Can I Change My Flight Date with TAP?

Yes, you can change change TAP Portugal flight date, and the process to do it is simple and easy. But make sure the request for change of date is made within 24 hours of reservation.Beyond this 24 hours time limit, you are liable to pay for the change in your iteneraries. According to the Tap change policy, passengers can only change flights and dates, not routes.

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