How Can I Cancel a Flight and Get a Refund from Philippines Airlines?

Philippines airline is an airline in the Philippines, founded in 1941. The airline is a trading name of PAL holdings providing flexible policies to support its traveler. It makes sure to provide you a stress-free and friendly service. When you have made the booking with Philippines airlines, and for some reason, you have to cancel your Philippines airlines flight; the airline gives you the privilege to cancel the flights.

When you plan to cancel your Philippine Airlines flight ticket, the next thing you consider is a refund. You will wait for the refund abruptly so that you can make the further booking. Canceling the flight ticket and applying for a refund is a common thing. Now, you will wonder how I can cancel my Philippine Airlines flight and get a refund, which is a common question and needs a solution immediately. Therefore, you should follow some effective measures.

Now, if you are concerned about how it works? Stay connected till the end to know the complete process. But before you go through the cancellation process, you must go through the Philippines airlines flight cancellation policy.

Philippines Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • As per the airline's 24-hour cancellation policy, if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, the airline will provide a full refund. Only the condition is the tickets should get booked seven days or more before the departure.
  • If you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of the risk period, you will have to bear the cancellation fee to cancel your flight.
  • The airline facilitates you to cancel the flights anytime. You can request the refund by filing an online refund request form at the official website of Philippine airlines.
  • As per Philippine Airlines cancellation rules, you will get a refund only for the tickets canceled within an active pan of time. 
  • Once the tickets get expired, you will not get a refund against your canceled ticket.
  • Once you apply for the refund, it may take some time of around 7-10 working days.
  • If the airline cancels the flight because of some unavoidable situation, then the airline will provide compensation to book the next subsequent Philippine airline flight.
  • Once you go through the Philippines airline cancellation policy, you can now follow the steps below to cancel your flight and get a refund.

Steps to Cancel the Philippines Airlines Flight and Apply for Refund

Online Cancellation:

  • To cancel your flight online, you can go to the official website of Philippines airlines
  • Login to your account using credentials, else you can also go to the cancellation page
  • Enter the details like booking number, first name, and last name, click continue
  • Now you will have to select the booking you want to cancel
  • Go to the cancel reservation button and click on it
  • Now follow the instruction on your screen to cancel the ticket
  • You can go to the travel fund section to check the status of your refund
  • If your ticket is refundable, you will get an option of the refund request form
  • Enter the details on that form and apply for the refund 

Offline Cancellation:

  • Via Reservation Department: You can call also call the reservation department to request for cancellation.
  • Airport Ticket Office: You can also visit the airport ticket office to cancel your ticket.
  • Travel Agency: If you have made a booking via a third party, you can directly speak to the travel agent to cancel your ticket and ask for a refund.

Using the above information, you can cancel your ticket anytime. Now you must be thinking about the Philippine Airlines cancellation fee. So let's proceed further and check out the cancellation fee.

How much is the Cancellation fee for PAL?

If you fail to cancel your flight within 24 hours of the cancellation period, the airline will apply a cancellation fee to cancel the ticket. With Philippine Airlines, if you cancel the ticket after the 24 hour cancellation period, you will have to pay around a cancellation fee of around $100- $500.If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, then the cancellation of around $ 100- $400 will be applicable. So to save the cancellation fee, you must cancel your ticket within 24 hours o booking. You can also request a customer representative to waive off the cancelation fee.

How Much Time Will Philippine Airlines Take to Provide You with a Refund?

The refund process is straightforward and does not need any additional information. You have to enter some information, and you are good to go. Philippine Airlines take seven to ten days to credit the refund for debit or credit card users. For cash and cheque payments, it may take seven to twenty days to process the refund.

This is the complete procedures that you need to perform to cancel a Philippine Airlines flight and get a refund get a refund on time. So,check them and perform them accordingly. For further information, you can contact the customer service of Philippine Airlines. 

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