Does Philippine Airlines Require Covid Test?

Do I have to show the Covid test result to fly with Philippine Airlines?

These days, the rising case of the Covid 19 makes things complex. However, to make the journey safe and sounds, Philippine airlines or PAL comes with some policies that you should know. To know Philippine airlines travel requirements, you can read further and ensure that you have gone through every point to avoid any uncertain scenario. 

What do you require to travel with Philippine Airlines?

  • If you are flying with the Philippines to any other place, you have to go through the level of alertness. From level 1 to 3, a person has to wear a shield and face cover mask during the flight. 
  • You have to use the mobile application to scan and grab the details of the tickets; it reduces human interaction. You can see how effectual this method is. 
  • When you are covering an international place, you have to be very conscious about the sanitization. But, many people get confused about the covid-19 test. The test relies on the type of destination you will cover. In case of any other place than domestic, you have to do the Covid test. You can opt for it for the Philippine airlines center or any other place. 
  • The report of the Covid test should not be older than 14 days. If you have gone through the test, but it exceeds 14 days, you have to run the test again. Based on the current report, airlines will let you fly. 
  • If you find that you have any symptoms that are connecting with the Covid19, then you don’t have to book airlines. During the test at the airport, you may not be permitted to enter. 
  • For the domestic region, the covid19 test is not mandatory. However, for better security, you should go for the test, as it will help the airlines to fly safely and provide their best service during this time. 

Now, you can see Philippines Airlines travel rules and when you need to show the Covid test. But, there are certainly more things that you should know.

What are the Documents required to travel with PAL travel?

In this situation, to travel with the Philippines, you need to show some documents that are mentioned below. 

  • Government ID card, if you are a person belonging to any country or region, you have to show this. 
  • Proper documents to leverage old-age benefits. If you have booked a ticket under the old age category, you have to show the government ID and your service proof. Along with this, you have to run the Covid test, or you must have received both doses of Vaccination. If you have done the Vaccination, you might have to show the certificates.

How Much Time the Entire Process Will Take?

Obviously, a person should not wait for a longer period to complete the process. Passing from such covid test and after meeting the requirements, the process may be time-consuming. However, Philippines airlines ensure that everything is done quickly and does not take too much time. So when you start the process, then you can find that within hours, you have completed the entire process, and you can peacefully board the flight. For this reason, PAL includes technology and leverage internet to make the process, like check-in and getting a boarding pass, easy. Now, you are getting support throughout the day, which means you can expect the solution fast. 

From the above-shown write-up, you must have understood PAL requirements for Covid and the important things to remember before you book tickets. For any question about a reservation or any other issue, you can connect with the support person and get the solution fast. 

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