Does Japan Airlines require Covid Test?

In today's scenario, rising Covid cases make travel tricky, as you need to follow the guidelines related to Covid. All the passengers traveling with japan airlines need to take the Covid test at least 72 hours before departure. It is mandatory to have the test as japan airlines always take care of the safety of the passengers. You need to read further or contact japan airlines related to the Covid policy. All the passengers need to follow some rules that are mentioned below:

  • All the passengers need to submit the negative RT-PCR report with both dose vaccine certificates on the website of japan airlines within 72 hours of the departure.
  • If you have a mutant strain and traveling from another country/region, you need to head towards the quarantine station designated by the airport.
  • When you reach the quarantine station, airport authorities will retake the test in three phases of your stay.
  • Once you reach your particular country, it is advised not to use public transport till 14 days of your reach.
  • If you have recovered from the Covid recently, you need to submit the negative report of your Covid with a recovery certificate.
  • If you have not taken the Covid test earlier, then you can take it at the airport Covid booth stations. You will get the report immediately, which you need to submit to the airport authorities and proceed for boarding.

Some Other Essential Japan Airlines Covid Guidelines

To travel with japan airlines, you are required to follow the given process to limit the spread of covid-19 in the travel:

At Home:

  • Before reaching the airport, you are advised to check your body temperature regularly.
  • If your body temperature rises, you are requested to hold back the boarding and check it with your concerned doctor.
  • To avoid any obstruction at boarding/check-in, you need to cut down the excess luggage.
  • You are required to make yourself aware of the travel requirements of your particular country to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Measures to follow at Lounge and Boarding:

  • All the passengers are required to wear a face mask or cover the face adequately. If you have any difficulty in wearing the mask, you can wear a face shield.
  • All the passengers need to follow the social distancing while sitting in the lounge or standing in the queue.
  • You need to sanitize your hands and your nearby places at regular intervals to limit the spread of germs.
  • You are required to follow the instructions provided by the crew members to solve various issues.
  • You can dispose of the waste or use masks properly. Also, flush the toilets by closing the lid correctly.
  • Limiting the conversation with your fellow passengers is advised to prevent the community transfer.

Requirements after arrival to the Destination:

  • Even if you arrive at your preferred destination, you need to wear a face mask. The face mask is not mandatory for children under the age of 2.
  • You need to retake the Covid test if your particular destination requires it as per the guidelines they have issued.
  • If some symptoms have been generated during the journey, then you take the Covid test at arrival to leave the airport.
  • Airport authorities will take into consideration each and everything of the passenger.

For more information, you can contact the customer service of japan airlines and get all the details. You need to call upon the japan airlines phone number available on their website and speak with the representative once your call connects. The japan airlines customer representative will try to solve every problem of the passengers and make your travel easy in these Covid scenarios as they are 24 hours available.

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