Do you need a Covid test to fly United Airlines?

If you plan your journey with United Airlines then you need a Covid test to fly with United Airlines. In the year 2020, the world’s human race has seen the consequences of its carelessness and reckless exploitation of resources in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. The sorrowful dark days pushed the death toll to uncountable numbers all around the world. We all were locked in our homes to prevent the contagious disease spread. Thanks to all the scientists and doctors worldwide they worked day and night to get the world out of such an unprecedented situation.

The travel and tourism sector opened again to make the passengers fly again. As we are still witnessing some Covid cases so every airline must keep the health of customers at the front. Hence the, United Airlines is doing so by examining its travelers. You can also directly contact United Airlines phone number to ensure your safe journey.

Do You Need a Covid Test to Fly United Airlines?

See, the health of the passengers cannot be at risk; a health test is mandatory when it comes to Air travel journeys. United Airlines has issued guidelines stipulating that every passenger must pass a health test that examines if the passenger is free of any contagious flu.

What Do You Need to Go Through Covid Test to Fly with United Airlines?

Here are some important points that you required to remember regarding your Covid health status.

  • When you enter or check-in for your flight, you must carry the certificate which stipulates that you are fully vaccinated against the CoViD-19 or coronavirus disease.
  • You are most welcome if you have a certificate of the booster dose that is mandatory for every person as per WHO guidelines.
  • If the attendants at the airport are not satisfied with the certificates, they can ask you for your consent to give them Covid test. You need to pass the test to make it through.
  • You can also give the test online, which varies with your destination. If you are to pass a test online, then following are the requirements:

If traveling within the US: The airline provides its passengers with Mail in testing, which is done on a Zoom video call before 72 hours of travel. You will receive the results within 24 or 48 hours.

If traveling from Denver: You will need to pass a rapid molecular test if you have booked a trip from Denver. For this:

  • You got to visit the Travel ready center
  • Book an appointment for your test
  • Within 60 minutes, results will be provided to you
  • And your journey is ensured with safety

There are other tests, too as rapid antigen test if traveling from London or RT PCR test concerning other countries. You are recommended to contact United Airlines to get more information in this regard.

What Does United Airlines Require for Covid?

United Airlines care for the safety of passengers. That’s why it has arranged health tests to check if any person is infected with some contagious disease. This would ensure the smooth working of the travel and tourism sector and would not hamper daily life. If you want to accomplish your journey, you need a Covid test to fly with United Airlines for a peaceful trip.

  • You will require a Covid 19 vaccination certificate that is not too old.
  • You can also be asked to show your booster dose certificate as one of the United Airlines Covid test requirements suggest.
  • If you recently booked an appointment with United Airlines to test your Covid status, you will have to show the digital or hard copy of the appointment to get your test done.

There is still more that you should be acknowledged regarding a safe journey via United Airlines. For that, you are requested to call at United Airlines phone number i.e. 1-800-864-8331. You can also visit the United Airlines official site as well.

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