Do I need Covid test to fly JAL?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, all passengers traveling to their favorite destination on vacations by JAL or arriving in Japan will need the negative test result of covid-19 within 72 hours of the departure of the flight. It is necessary to have Covid test to fly JAL. Passengers need to have negative RT-PCR or nucleic acid test results. The JAL mentions some requirements to inform the passengers. Passengers can follow Japan airlines covid-19 policy to fly with JAL. 

  • Japan airlines guidelines related to Covid are that entrants and returnees need to submit their vaccine and negative test certification to the airline within 72 hours. 
  • Passengers entering from the countries or regions with the mutant strains of the concerned border need to go to a place designated by the quarantine station.
  • After reaching there, a re-test of Covid will be done on the third, sixth, and tenth day of reaching.
  • Negative tests of third, sixth, and tenth will accommodate their respective residents.
  • Stay at home for the next 14 days.
  • A number of reservations have been controlled for international flights by the government. The government-imposed restrictions on the number of passengers on international flights. Due to this, ticket sales may be suspended after reaching the daily limit.
  • Passengers are requested not to use public transport or travel in the country for 14 days after reaching the country.

Japan Airlines Covid-19 Guidelines

Passengers at Home:

  • They are required to check their body temperature with time. If the body temperature rises, passengers are requested to refrain from boarding. If they feel unwell or have a problem in breathing, they can avoid traveling and show it to the doctor.
  • Passengers are requested to minimize the number of luggage to avoid inconvenience and congestion during the time of boarding and check-in.
  • Check the restrictions and quarantine measures of the particular country they are traveling to avoid unawareness.

Request to the Passengers while Lounging:

  • Passengers are requested to wear masks while lounging at the airport. In case of any difficulty, they can wear a face shield or mouth cover to prevent infection.
  • Sanitizing their hands frequently is prominent for the passengers to avoid getting infected by other passengers.
  • Avoid conversations with fellow passengers as much as possible to prevent the infection.
  • Social distancing is compulsory while sitting or walking at the airport.
  • If the passengers use toilets, flush the toilet by closing the lid to avoid germs.

 Requirements During the Time of Boarding and On-board:

  • Passengers are requested to wear a mask during boarding and follow the rules of the social distance to avoid infection from spreading.
  • Passengers are requested to converse with fellow passengers to prevent infections. Follow the instructions given by the crew members to avoid unawareness.
  • Wear masks and change them frequently to avoid spreading infections. Try to remain on the seat and not walk unnecessarily on the flight. 
  • Sanitize hands frequently; flush the toilets after closing the lid and dispose of masks and tissues properly. Passengers need to keep their belongings with them.

After Arrival:

  • Passengers are required to wear masks even after arriving at their destinations. An exception for infants below the age of 2 years will be there.
  • Passengers are requested to sanitize their hands regularly even after reaching their destinations.

For further information related to the covid-19 precautions, passengers can call the customer service team on the jal customer care numberThe service team will provide the customer with proper help by instructing them. Passengers need to follow the rules and requirements of Japan Airlines to travel. As mentioned earlier and requirements, some policies can help the passengers get every information of the airlines.

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