Can You Cancel Turkish Airlines Ticket Within 24 Hours?

Turkish Airlines is the famous carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. If you want to cancel Turkish Airlines ticket, then the answer is Yes. You can apply for flight cancellation on their official website and via a call to their customer service agent. Turkish Airlines provides different convenient ways to cancel flight tickets. Per their policy, if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours, you will not be liable to pay any amount.

How Do I Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket?

Turkish Airlines provides a convenient method to cancel Turkish Airlines flight tickets. So, don't worry; check the steps below that will help you cancel.

Simple Steps to Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket:

If you want to choose the online way to cancel Turkish Airlines flight, then follow the below procedure. 

  • Open Turkish Airline's official website 
  • Then click on the manage bookings section from the page
  • After this, mention the surname of the passenger and booking reference number 
  • Following this, you need to click on the modify bookings 
  • Further click to cancel the flight and then mention the reason for flight cancelation. 
  • Next, if you see any charges, you must pay them using a card or other methods. 
  • Last, they will revert to your registered email ID and contact number.

If someone cannot cancel Turkish Airlines ticket by the above method, Turkish Airlines also provide other hassle-free way to cancel your flight. You can try other way as mentioned below.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket by Phone:

  1. First, dial Turkish Airlines official number; 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1 (802) 618-8008 (Toll-free). 
  2. Next, choose the language according to your preference.
  3. After this, you need to follow the IVR instructions.
  • Dial 1 for new reservations 
  • Dial 2 to cancel the reservations
  • Dial 3 to upgrade the bookings 
  • Dial 4 to connect with representatives 
  • Dial 5 for more options 
  • Dial 6 to go back

Choose the option per the query and then connect with the official representative of Turkish Airlines.

In case of Award Ticket: Award tickets have different cancellation procedures per the Airline's policy; you can apply for cancellation within 24 hours of the timespan to get saved from the cancellation charges. They have fixed cancellation charges for canceling the tickets is $150.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings are made by the passenger through the official website of the Turkish airlines, and then they cancel it within 24 hours. Turkish airlines will not charge any fee for flight cancelation. 
  • According to Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, if you cancel the flight for any medical reason, you need to show the medical certificate to the official representatives of the Turkish Airline, and you can cancel the flight without paying charges. 
  • If the bookings are made by you using any voucher, and then you cancel the flight, you have to pay the flight cancelation fee. 
  • If you book the ticket through any official representative of the Turkish airlines, then you have to connect with them to cancel the flight.

Turkish Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

They have a clear and standard policy for canceling flight tickets. Suppose you finally decide to cancel your tickets within 24 hours for any reason, according to the Turkish Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy. In that case, you will get the entire refund amount that you have paid, and it applies to both refundable and non-refundable tickets. They have a TAT of around seven business days to provide the refund after validating the details you gave while filling out the cancellation form.

How Much is the Cancellation Fee for Turkish Airlines?

If you do not know how much the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee is, here is some idea: around $400. It may also vary based on ticket price, and if you need any further information, you can log onto Turkish Airlines' official website for further information.

Conclusion: Go through the above procedure and get complete information on how to cancel a Turkish airline flight ticket. All terms and conditions per their policy for cancellation of tickets and the cost to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight ticket is around $400. You can also visit the website of Turkish airlines if you still have any queries in your mind.

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