Can I Change My American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines has flexible and customer-friendly policies that support you at every stage. If you don't know how to change my American Airlines flight, it is very simple. You can make changes to your flight ticket online and offline by paying a small change fee. Besides, the content below includes all about change fees, policy, and processes in detail; you can check this out to stay educated and updated.

Can I Change My AA Flight for Free?

  • American Airlines does allow you to change flights free of cost if you make the changes within 24 hours of booking and book the ticket seven days before departure. However, if you fail, you might need to pay the change fee depending on your fare conditions, time, route, class, etc. 
  • You can also change the flight free of cost if American Airlines cancel your flight and you don't accept the alternative options. 
  • If you can't travel due to medical emergencies, the death of passengers, or close family members, then also the airline allows you to change the flight free of cost.

So above are the conditions, when you don't need to pay any change fee. If you doubt how to change my American Airlines flight, check out the complete information below.

How Can I Change My American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines allows you to change the booking through the same source from where you purchased the ticket. Suppose you book the ticket directly from American Airlines, you can change the booking online and also by calling the American Airlines phone number. However, if you book the ticket through a third party, you need to contact your agent directly. Check out the detailed change flight procedure mentioned below for your reference.

To change flight on American Airlines through phone, follow the steps given below:

  • Dial the American Airlines customer care number 1 800 433 7300
  • Follow the IVR to speak to the American Airlines live agent 
  • Once connected, you can ask the agent to make changes to your booking 
  • Provide the booking details and confirm the modification required in the booking
  • The American Airlines agent will make the required modification on your behalf 
  • You can clear the change fee and fare difference if required and get your change flight process completed 
  • Make sure you get a confirmation email from the airline once the new booking is confirmed 

The above procedure helps you to change the booking through the American Airlines phone number. However, if you are not comfortable, modify the ticket online by following the procedure below.

To change American Airlines flight online, follow the steps given below:

  • To make changes online, go to the official website of American Airlines 
  • You need to login into your account; else, go to the My trip section
  • Access your booking details by providing your confirmation number and last name 
  • Now select the booking you wish to modify and click on the edit reservation button
  • You need to select the new dates and flight then and do the required modification 
  • Click on the confirm button to save the changes 
  • Now clear the change fee if applicable and the fare difference 
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the change process and ensure to receive a confirmation email

You can change flights on American Airlines anytime by following the procedure above. Besides, check out American Airlines' change flight policy highlights below to avoid last-minute hassle and penalties.

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

  • American Airlines 24 hour flight change policy allows you to make the change free of cost if you complete the change formalities within 24 hours of booking and the departure date is after one week.
  • The change fee applies if you make the change after 24 hours and also depends on various other external factors.
  • For domestic, short-haul international, and selected long-haul international flights, you don't need to pay any fee to change flight on American Airlines if you don't fly in basic economy.
  • The basic economy fares are non-changeable and non-refundable. It also includes flying standby if you want to book an early flight to the same destination and on the same date for all domestic flights.
  • As per the policy, if you wish to change the name on your ticket, it's not possible. However, you can modify the name by up to three characters.

Going through the policy above, you can easily change the flight online by visiting my trip section and calling on American Airlines phone number. Besides, let's proceed further and check out how much it costs to change a flight ticket with American Airlines.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight with American Airlines?

As the policy suggests, there is no change fee if you do the modification within 24 hours of booking, and departure is seven days away. However, the charges apply if you miss the grace period. The change flight fee varies from $ 75 to $ 300 depending on your flight ticket type, route, destination, class, etc. As several factors affect the change fee, you can speak to the American Airlines agent directly to know about the exact change fee in your case.

Can You Change Your American Airlines Flight?

Yes, all the passengers who have made the reservation with American airlines have been allowed to change American Airlines flight, ticket with the help of an online process and over-call by connecting directly with the live person on call who will provide you assistance for the change as per your preference.

Can You Change American Flights for Free?

Yes, travelers are allowed to change American airline tickets for free of cost if made less than 24 hours after ticket purchase and if you have bought the domestic flight tickets, short-haul international, or select long-haul international flights as long as they are not booked a basic economy ticket you won’t be charged.

How Do I Avoid American Airlines Change Fees? 

Suppose you are looking to avoid American airline change feesthen you can do one thing listed below.

  • Always try to look for a travel waiver
  • Try to always look for the schedule changes
  • Earn elite status if you need to avoid change fees
  • You can also use a credit card travel credit to easily cover fees.

Can I Change an AA Basic Economy Ticket?

Yes, you can change your American Airlines basic economy ticket to business or first class. The changes can take place within 24 hours of booking, but if you are doing it after that time period, you need to fulfill some requirements. Therefore, you should be a member of Advantage elite status only then you will be given some privileges.

How Much Does AA Charge to Change International Flights?

Though the flight change charges depend on the class, destination, and time, the Airlines take different flight change costs for domestic and International flights. The charges for a domestic flight change to business or first class range from $200 to $500. However, when it comes to international flights, the charges range from $700 to $900.

Can I Change My American Airlines Flight for a Cheaper One?

If you get an American Airlines ticket at a lower price after purchasing your tickets, then you cannot change them, but you can cancel them and book another ticket at a cheap price. But make sure that you are canceling your booking within 24 hours of purchase; otherwise, it might be costly for you to pay the cancellation charges and then booking another flight. Still, if you have any confusion as "can i change my AA flight" at a cheaper rate then reach out airline customer service team.

Can I Change American Airline Flight for Free?

No, you cannot make changes to your American Airlines flight tickets at free of cost. Even if you are making changes to your flights within 24 hours of ticket purchase, you have to pay the low ticket change charges, including the fare difference.

Hopefully, by reading the information above, you must be clear on how to change my American Airlines flight. Besides, if you still have any doubts or are looking forward to getting additional information, you can speak directly to the American Airlines representative.

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